“It Really Does Happen. You Are Real” – Michelle Curtis

11_13_Michelle Curtis

At Publishers Clearing House we always love giving away big money. But I have to admit I love it even more around the holidays! Lucky PCH sweepstakes entrants who win around the holidays always seem to be even more excited to have that surprise cash windfall. That certainly was the case with the $10,000 winner we surprised on November 7th!

With my Prize Patrol uniform on, Big Check and van sign in hand, I made my way to Dunkirk NY, which is about one hour outside of Buffalo.  I guess you could say I thought it was “business as usual”… but little did I know that this winner would have one of the best reactions I personally have ever experienced on the Prize Patrol!

It doesn’t happen often but once in a while the Prize Patrol knocks on the wrong door. Well, it ends up that Michelle Curtis recently moved a few houses down from her old address which we found out from the neighbor who we unintentionally surprised!  Luckily she kindly led us in the right direction.

When I finally arrived at the CORRECT house, Michelle opened her door in a sleepy fog. It took her a minute to grasp what was happening – the Prize Patrol was at her door with a BIG CHECK for $10,000! Once it sunk in she exclaimed “I just woke up. It’s been about seven years of entering (PCH contests) and never thought I’d win,” she said. Michelle managed to get those great quotes out in between her screaming, jumping, crying, and shouting!  “It really does happen. You Are Real!”

She was SO excited for her big PCH win that she called her friends and neighbors who ended up joining the celebration. Her emotions were overwhelming … the camera crew, news station, friends and I were all in tears. You could tell this money was truly needed. As we soon found out, Michelle was due for some GOOD news in her life as she has suffered from five strokes and has heart issues.

When the Prize Patrol left to go home, the first thing Michelle did was get dressed and go to the bank! She also said she planned on framing the BIG Check and hanging it up on her wall. What would YOU do with the Big Check if you won the PCH Sweepstakes?

Remember, you could get to experience the Prize Patrol showing up at YOUR door if you enter the PCH Sweepstakes! We will be on the road again in just a few weeks for our November 26th Special Early Look prize event so make sure to enter while there’s still time!

Story about Michelle Curtis from the local news!



Danielle Lam
Prize Patrol Elite

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  1. If I won the big check, I most certainly would frame it and hang it up on my Seventeen Year Wall of Fame. That is such a great idea! If I can, because I am a huge pen nut, just ask Ms. Deborah, I will put a Prize Patrol Pen on my Seventeen Year Wall of Fame with it. 🙂 A nice picture of my Prize Patrol friends in a nice frame would look great on my Seventeen Year Wall of Fame too. Yeah, some streamers of Gold and Dark Blue to frame the Ultimate Fan of PCH Seventeen Year Wall of Fame sounds like a plan.

  2. I have being watching videos of people that have won. I have to say that it brings tears in my eyes of happiness. I love watching their reactions. PCH crew, I know that you are the real people and not actors. The way you people touched people’s life is unforgettable. Keep doing a great job!

  3. What a happy exciting day it would be to win the largest weekly giveaway in PCH history! Oh how I wish to be in the winners circle! It would slice all my problems with my health and my family! I am a proud US NAVY VETERAN of 23 years of service, my husband is a 20 US NAVY VETERAN, we are both proud of our country! We have 2beautiful daughters and 5 wonderful grandchildren! The win would be spent on making my home and my sisters home handicap accessible as she has inoperable cancer and I suffered a sever stroke in 2008. I would ensure my entire family has everything they need ! After the dust settlers I would device a plan to help my fellow veterans as much as possible! Thanks PCH and please help me make it so! God bless America!

  4. you guys only pick people that have a lot of money not people like me that are disabled and live small pay check enough for bills month to month

  5. Wow!!! Thank you Ms. Danielle, that is a wonderful story!!! It just gives us all so much HOPE that something like this would happen to anyone that has entered the PCH Sweepstakes!!!

    Just wanted to say “Congratulations” to Michelle Curtis, and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday!!!

    I think I would do exactly what Michelle did, go to the bank with the small check and frame the big check!!!

    All I can say is it will be like Christmas on November 26th that is for sure, for someone lucky enough to win the $7,000 A Week for Life “ I know I would be “SET FOR LIFE!!!”

    Well just want to say “GOOD LUCK” to all that have entered all of the PCH wonderful Sweepstakes!!!

    ONE Can only HOPE, PRAY, DREAM as they enter to win this $7,000 A Week for Life PCH Sweepstakes this November 26th, it would be like having Christmas in November, what a splendid thought!!!