How Would $1 Million A Year “Forever” Change Your Life?

$1 Million A Year Forever

Okay, you might have to sit down for this one. Sitting? Good! Here’s some crazy news: if you enter in time for our next big SuperPrize, you could win an astounding $1 Million A Year “Forever” in our February 28th Special Early Look Event! Talk about a life change! That would mean $1,000,000.00 every single year for YOU, and then after that, $1,000,000.00 a year for life for the person of your choosing!

We’re not talking about a change of hair color or even change of wardrobe. We’re talking, “honey, pack your bags before the neighbors find out” kind of life change!  What would your game plan be? I like to think it might go something like this:

First, you’d want to tell your loved ones. You’d let your family and close friends in on your secret windfall. Your heart would race during each and every phone call, as you told your relatives the story of how Dave Sayer, Danielle Lam and Todd Sloane surprised you with a BIG CHECK, flowers, and champagne – which you’ve been too busy to even drink yet!

But hold on a second! You’ve been telling everyone about this incredible amount of money…how long before the whole town finds out? Maybe it’s time to start making some plans for the future! So the next day, you go to your local financial advisor. You tell them the whole story: your entry, the Prize Patrol van, and your now yearly checks of $1,000,000.00 for the rest of your life, and the name of the person for whom the payments would continue for THEIR life too! I can guarantee your advisor will want to help when they hear this news – they may have had their doubts before, but now they’ll know that the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes is real!

Dream House

After you’ve made your arrangements and initial investments, maybe it is time to start thinking about your next move, literally! I think it is time you to upgrade your living situation, don’t you? You’re going to have a lot of new toys (TVs, furniture, jewelry, etc), and you’re going to need a larger space to keep all of this extra stuff.  With your financial advisor’s blessing, I think you should visit a real estate agent to see what is available in the nice neighborhoods of your area. Yup, you’ll soon be rubbing elbows with an elite crowd! And while you’re at it, maybe ask the real estate agent how much rental properties are in the Bahamas. Ha!

What, think I’m getting carried away here?  Is this too much too soon?  Or am I traveling at just the right speed for you?

Dream Vacation

You know what, no matter how you spend it, this money is going to bring some serious changes, but all for the better. “Where do we get more money?” isn’t going to be a question you’ll ever be asking yourself.

How do you think YOUR life would change if you won $1 Million A Year “Forever”? What would you change about the scenario I painted above? Tell us in the comments below! And remember to enter today and every day at!

-Matt K.

PCH Creative

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  1. The money will be used to help me and my family. I know I will be paying higher taxes that’s to be expected. I want to pay all of my bills and my childrens bills too. I will move into a good home and get a new car and my family and I will go on a much needed family reunion vacation. oh there is still so much to think about because I have always wanted to help others.

  2. Dear,pch ^_^ i’m in it to win it ^_^ and i’ll never give up on my dream ^_^ i have been waiting for that knock on my door with a check,flowers,champagne bottle signed and a deck of Edwins playing cards whoo hooooooo ^_^ the first thing i would do is call a dear friend,and say my dream came true i was in it to win it and i never gave up ,whoo hooooooo then take Dave Todd and Danielle and the pch crew out to eat and celebrate my winnings,then the next day i would call an financial advisor and let them know what just happen to me so he could guide me with my winning for investments to keep money coming in because this is an amazing serious chance in my life and remember money goes fast ,there are three things i would do for my self take my husband to Walt Disney and buy him a up grade tv,buy a van,and remold my kitchen i dont ask for much just to be able to live.but it sure would be nice not to have to worry about bills,it sure would be a blessing,i know maricles happen everyday see my husband has cancer and has had two top lungs and his right ribs removed and he never gave up and hes here with us today and he keeps reminding me never give up you will have your luck your ^_^ in it to win it ^_^ my husband said if anyone doesn’t think its worth trying to win never had to fight cancer, ^_^ hes my positive,^_^ when you live positive stay positive then positive things will happen for you.i’m positive and i’m in it to win it for husband remember the key is to search enter and play pch games stay positive and never give up we wish everyone the very best of luck ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

  3. I would like to win, so I can help my Grand Children get there college degrees. Help the children in the foster care program and many more charities..

  4. Merry Christmas to all.I pray to good we win. When its not one thing its the other.Every year is tuff for us. But this year is even worst. I have been receiving messages from PCH saying to put my entries I do and, and well I hope with all my heart that finally I could change our life to a better situation as well for others in my town. God bless every one.

  5. Oh what a great feeling it would be to win something like that, i would do just what was stated about the property, love it.