Don’t Fall For The Green Dot MoneyPak Prepaid Card Scam!


One of the most important things we do on the PCH blog is warn our friends about Publishers Clearing House scams! Unfortunately, PCH scams involving Green Dot MoneyPak prepaid cards are on the rise. Fraudsters have been attempting to use Green Dot MoneyPak prepaid cards to steal hard-earned money from innocent people, like you. Read on and discover how to protect yourself from being a victim of fraud!

In case you’re not familiar with them, Green Dot MoneyPak cards are prepaid cards that can be purchased at convenience stores and used in place of a credit card. Since they’re prepaid, if a scammer gets the code located under the scratch-off strip on the reverse side of the card, they can claim the money from the card very quickly.  And once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

MoneyPak Back

Scam scenarios involving these cards might unfold in a variety of ways, but the gist is that scammers tell their victims that they have won the PCH sweepstakes, but they need to first pay a special “insurance” or “tax” by purchasing a Green Dot MoneyPak prepaid card for a specific amount of money and providing the number located under the scratch-off strip on the back of the card over the phone. However, these scammers are NOT from PCH and have NO intention of awarding any prizes.

Can YOU Spot A Scam?

Scenario # 1:  You’ve just received an official-looking letter that states that you’ve won $1 Million and a new car from PCH. When you call the number on the letter, you’re asked to purchase two Green Dot MoneyPak Prepaid Cards for $500 each, scratch off the back and provide the number over the phone. The “representative” on the phone explains that it’s just “insurance” for prize delivery.

SCAM!  If this happens to you, DON’T purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak card and DON’T give the scammer any personal information — even if he sounds sincere! Publishers Clearing House SuperPrizes are personally delivered by the Prize Patrol. Plus, you never, ever have to pay any amount of money to win a PCH prize — it’s the law!

Scenario #2:  You receive a friend request on Facebook from someone who claims to be Dave Sayer of the PCH Prize Patrol. Later, you get a private message that states you’ve won $500,000 from PCH. You’re requested to purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak card in the amount of $500 and message him back the number located under the scratch-off strip on the back of the card to cover “taxes” on the prize.

SCAM!   No one affiliated with the PCH Prize Patrol will ever send you a friend request over Facebook.  If this happens to you, don’t accept the request or provide any personal information. You can even follow Danielle Lam’s steps to report a Publishers Clearing House scam on Facebook.

Remember friends, don’t fall for the Green Dot MoneyPak Prepaid Card scam!  As always, if you receive a letter, a telephone call, an email or a social media “friend” request from someone claiming to be from the real PCH and you’re asked to pay a “fee” of any type to claim your prize…STOP!  It’s a SCAM!

All the best,

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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  1. I wish I would when that 10 million dollars and then I could help my daughter and myself me and her is all we got left other than her for children so please PCH come to Indiana I’m trying to buy some stuff cuz I thought maybe that would help but I can’t buy anything anymore cuz I have no money my prescriptions are so expensive my morning medicine is $1,000 a month since I have no insurance I can’t afford it I can’t afford to get my medicine pay the house bills buy groceries I’m so weak and sick I really need to be in the hospital and I can’t cuz I can’t pay the bill because I have no money simplys PCH could you knock on my door soon I prayed to the Lord upset and crying to the Lord I just don’t know what else to do

  2. I’m in it to win it. I try to play everyday.been off work for 5 month for two. surgery, no money coming ,was on my husband. insecure so he got mad and quit. now we don’t have money or indeause. I had to go to doctor office to day because now I have pneumonia and so sick but I could go in hospital. my husband left me. so really I pray to God. today I’ve been so physically and mentally exhausted I can’t believe he left me with nothing I’m really need to win this I wish they drawing was earlier then April I don’t know what to do please PCH come to Indiana I really need your help I have no parents slept all I have is a daughter and they don’t have the money to help me so I really need you guys this help I don’t know how much more I can take so please come to Indiana

  3. I was sak to send $ 275.75 by Western Union to claim my prize for PCH .to register the check in my name, So the IRS woul release the check for $285,000 an a2016 250Ford pickup truck. Today was supposed to be my lucky day.

  4. Yes, I was almost Scamed like this (Green Dot Card Scam); I was so excited ,from what they were telling me; but God sent my son home to tell me “Not to do it”!!! Thank you all so much for letting Us know what is going on out here!!!!!