Will YOU become our third “Forever” Prize TV Star?

As I’m about to show you, we’re getting VERY excited by a truly amazing upcoming day: the day we award our THIRD $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize

Take a look at these new TV commercials, and see what all the “buzz” is about:


Yes, you heard right: next month we guarantee to award a lucky winner $5,000 A Week For Life, with payments continuing after that for the life of someone the winner chooses.

And if you have even the slightest doubt that we’ll “make good” on this guarantee, well, you can talk to our first two “Forever” Prize winners!

Two years ago, our Prize Patrol surprised John Wyllie in Oregon

PCH Forever Prize Winner John Wyllie

Watch John’s emotional winning moment now!


Then, just a year ago, the Prize Patrol drove out to Moro, Illinois to meet Michael Miller, our second “Forever” Prize winner

PCH Forever Prize Winner Michael MillerHe was so shocked, he was practically speechless!


Who will become the winner of our THIRD $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize on February 27?  That’s still a big question mark … BUT!

What’s definite is that there must and will be a winner in weeks … someone like you, who deserves financial freedom FOR LIFE, and who wants that same security to continue for the lifetime of someone near and dear.

Are you ready to join John Wyllie and Michael Miller as the third member of our “Forever” Prize Winners “club”?  Then, follow their example and take action – enter now and every day.

There are SO many ways to log in your daily “Forever” Prize entry, including pch.com … PCHSearch&WinPCHgamesPCHlottoand the PCH Fan Page on Facebook.

So please, get busy and activate as many entries as you possibly can – because any one of them could bring the Prize Patrol to YOUR door on February 27th, with balloons, roses, champagne and a “Big Check” made out to YOU for $5,000 A Week “Forever”!

Sending winning thoughts out your way …

PCH Creative

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  1. Facebook has not done a thing to help me. They know the whole story. That is where it started. They got the plot.

  2. Who sings I really want to win the forever prize 2 million plus more June 30th 2017 I’ll leave the light on for you

  3. Will You Become
    Our THIRD “F:O:R:E:V:E:R”
    🎁 📺 ⭐️
    I just might

    Antonia Parham says:
    I would ❤️ to become the T:H:I:R:D Winner Publisher Clearing 🏡 $5,000,00 A Week For “F:O:R:E:V:E:R” 🎁📺 ⭐️ from PCHSearch&Win on April 28th Thank You 🤑