PCH Blog Reader Spotlight: Diondra Doesn’t Give Up!

Hello to all of you believers out there! It’s time to shine a light on one of our PCH blog readers, because she so deserves to be in it! We sure hope that her winning spirit and enthusiasm are contagious!

Introducing Diondra H., a big fan of the PCH blog, who reports: “I read and comment on the blog mostly everyday. I enjoy reading new information the blog provides on giveaways, and just giving you motivation to continue to enter.  Also, I enjoy reading other bloggers’ comments.”

Nice to hear it Diondra! We always love to get some positive feedback from our readers! What else does she do online with PCH?  She tells us, “I’ve been entering for over a year now, and my plans are to continue to enter “Forever”!

That’s the spirit, Diondra. And how does she feel she can accomplish that ambitious goal?  Every day and any way she can, that’s how! Whether it’s the PCHapp for iphone or Android and PCHFrontPage or PCHlotto and PCHgames, she’s in it to win it with a vengeance!

Diondra posted a comment after she watched a video on our blog promoting our Get Out Of Debt Sweepstakes. It shows a couple dealing with a pile of bills, and what happens next is a real surprise! Diondra wrote a clever remark: “This video portrays my fiancé and I this month! Awesome video, this is really reality, and I’m entering!”

Diondra also commented on another blog about “How Would You Spend $5,000 A Week” by telling us: “My plans are to take care of family, friends, and to donate to charities and volunteer all around the world. I have a passion for helping others.”

That’s certainly nice to hear, too! This young lady is a real positive thinker and an inspiration to us all. I’d like to leave you all with a few encouraging words from Diondra: “I haven’t won yet, but with faith, determination, and patience I believe it will pay off soon!” A lot of our past winners have told us they had the same kind of thinking – right after their winning moment!

We wish every one of our blog readers the best of luck!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

P.S. Are you inspired by Diondra’s words of encouragement? Let us know in the comments section below and maybe next month you could see yourself in the “PCH Blog Reader Spotlight”!

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  1. I would love to win, of course, but I have to keep living life the best way I know how, in the meantime. That is having fun, staying in a great state of mind, playing these games like I mean business, getting to VIP STATUS like I have in a few short months, going to my job and day dreaming of the knock at my door one day…. these are the things I do to bide the time so I won’t lose my mind!!! lol. I can not go crazy expecting PCH to knock every month. It would be neat though, very neat. So, for now, every morning, I will keep getting my coffee and cup of water when I wake, putting my headphones on with awesome happy music playing and playing my sweepstakes, scratch offs and frontpage games with excitement. I literally get pleasure out of playing, I really do. It helps me wake up gang, it really does. Thank you for this much fun everyday…. what a ride!!!!!!!!!

  2. Diondra surely has her sights set with the belief that things will come her way with dedication ,faith , and plans to pay it forward with portion of winnings I have that strong will and desire to achieve these same goals as Diondra has placed upon herself & if I’m fortunate enough to have an incredible win opportunity come my way I surely want to get out of debt at top of list ,do some traveling and I’m interested in trying to form a non profit organization with donating money ,time ,contributions and fund raisers and even possibilities with government grants with assisting underprivilidged children. !I’m talking about academics , sports ,music, & family functions included !! This is such a great cause and grew up in inner city !! I know how much a program could be such a positive group with giving kids that have great odds stacked against them !! Guidance is needed with children being young and being raised from a broken family !, I know this personally because I’ve lived it ! Playing organized coached little league baseball and basketball was a huge lift with being very young in my life personally !! There are other accomplishments that can be met with academics ,hope ,goals and instilling desire for every kid involved to succeed in life !! It’s an investment in part of America’s future and government grants for this is highly possible !!

  3. Take care of my my son ,brothers and sisters which there are 9 of not including my son and my parents all in one house …. that’s a lot of mouths to feed everyday. Bremerton,Washington give us a miracle.

    Kilisitinajoyce Filialii fanene 🙂 stay blessed

  4. I’ve been entering Pch since 2009 there are many people’s entering 10 ,20,30 yrs and stil dont give up that’s awesome because they believe like me .Never give up and believe in your self anything is possible .🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  5. Definitely, I’m so happy for her but deep down I always knew in in my heart that PCH is not a scam and thats why my fiancé isn’t so happy with me because I’m always on my phone playing your games and I won’t stop until you show up at my doorstep with that big check balloons and roses because I have a lot of faith in you and I feel if I stay positive I just may win and then I can laugh in my fiancés face and say “told you so” lol… I told him he needs to have faith in me and in your staff at PCH because he said I have a better chance getting struck by lightening so we should prove him wrong. Thank you for all you guys do I truly appreciate it and I’m waiting for you and good luck to everyone!!! 😊