PCH Blog Reader Spotlight: Sarah K. Is Tickled Pink To Be In It To Win It!

Welcome PCH fans and friends to another heartwarming installment of our monthly PCH Blog Reader Spotlight! We love to hear from our blog readers and we love to give them a chance to be congratulated for a job well done. We felt that Sarah K., pictured above, shared a comment that was truly worth repeating and sharing with the rest of you.

Sarah Stays In The Game!

Sarah tells us that she’s been playing tons of PCH games and scratch-offs since 2015. She loves “playing games , PCHlotto and slots, completing the daily scratch-offs and instant win games, and getting extra entries through emails and the Facebook page.

Sarah’s Secret To Staying Motivated

Sarah sure sounds like she’s very busy – and very determined! Way to go!

But Sarah has good reason to feel motivated. Check out the comment she posted recently that explains it all, and that put her in the PCH Blog Reader Spotlight!

Good for you, Sarah … we’re so glad that check didn’t end up on the garbage heap and get carted away! Sarah says, “Even though it wasn’t a super prize, that small winning was enough to motivate me to keep entering in hopes of winning something even BIGGER!” We’re all with you on that one Sarah!

This Is Why We Love To Hear From You!

It’s so wonderful to see PCH fans offering each other support and advice about our upcoming sweepstakes online. There is a real community of believers out there and it’s comforting to know that you are all reading the blogs and keeping up with the latest and greatest prize entry opportunities. And the best part is seeing the strong sense of group loyalty among you all. You are truly a team that cheers each other on toward the goal of winning big someday!

So my advice to you is to keep reading the blogs, and always check out the comments to find out what other people are saying about their own hopes and dreams and how they stay motivated to keep at it no matter what, and how they enter every chance they get.

And of course, please share your own thoughts, feelings and words of encouragement about the latest prizes, breaking news, and the lucky winners you’ll see posted! Who knows, you may find your own smiling face in the spotlight in our next Blog Reader of the Month post!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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  1. I to won 10 dolers and it did keep me going to it was proof you can win I would like to win the 15 million. also I get free things when I order something that’s cool I have pch in every room in my house. im sick of people laughing at me, and say good luck at that .I want to win so they can eat there words

    1. Amen to that! I gave them a reason to laugh Catherine. I was sent an “official” looking letter saying that I won … like a huge entry to win either $66k a year for 30 years, or $1.3 million if I took it at once and I, like an idiot, believed it, and sent the entry right in. Minus the $11 they wanted for some trinket. But they made it look like you needed to send it in.
      The next day I realized that it didn’t say “PCH” anywhere on the envelope and showed a friend and my so son who laughed at me for even THINKING that I had a chance at winning.
      Good luck Catherine! I think you have a great chance of winning!

  2. I was a little sad I didn’t win today, but I’m putting on my big girl panties and starting all over again and I will be here until I do win big.
    Barbara H.

  3. Sarah!!! Thanks for the hope and inspiration! While I may not have seen any checks yet, I also really enjoy playing games! My favorites are the PCHLotto Blast Game and the Minute Madness Mahjongg and Tri-Peaks! Something about the time pressure gets me excited and I end up playing over and over until I win! Then I just want to keep going to improve! I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets excited and keeps playing, I’m in it to win it, too! Thanks PCH for the great story and thank you Sarah for your kindred spirit and inspiration! Keep it up, maybe someday soon we can both be Superprize Winners and continue to inspire others! ❤️💌📬💰🎉🎈📨 I would totally split it with you if we were the last two in it to win it!!! What do you say, Prize Patrol? Sarah? Let’s add a fun and exciting twist, I’m currently playing opportunities for $15,500,000.00 and I would be so overwhelmingly happy with half of that! Although I think I remember an email saying 6 of us were still eligible… 15,500,000/6= $ 2,583,333.33 and that is still a super number, lets do it!!! ❤️ Share the love and inspiration!!

  4. When do we find out who won this latest super prize? Does the winner already know…or is there still a chance it’s me!?!? 🙌👌👍🎰