Ready For Our Summer Prize Event? Watch Our Exciting TV Commercials!

Here at PCH, we can’t begin to explain the excitement we have for our new $15 Million Summer Prize Event! Yes, you read that right! On August 31st, YOU could become the newest winner when you enter our $15 Million prize event! WOW – that’s a big chunk of change if you ask me! And when you think of all the possibilities of how you can spend that money, it would be a dream come true to win! Say goodbye to bills and debt, and say hello to a financially stress-free life!

We are especially excited to show you the $15 Million Summer Prize Event commercials! They will be airing on television from Wednesday July 5th – Sunday July 16th. You won’t want to miss the action! But we want to give you easy access to viewing the commercials right here, because well, our blog readers are special to us! We hope you enjoy them and don’t forget, ENTER for your chance to be the winner of this outstanding $15 Million Summer Prize Event!

So, what did you think? Pretty amazing right? The Prize Patrol can’t wait to be on the road next month to award yet another PCH winner! It never gets old making dreams come true!


Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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  1. Please pick me to win the 15 million this would make my dreams com true. I’m disabled and cannot work. I could really help me and my family out

  2. Iam waiting for that knock at my door excited I would love to win .my family would love to finally have no worried about husband havent been doing well he would love to retired from work earily .Thank you .Good luck every one .

  3. If I win I would help every one that has ever helped me I could go back to school I could take care of my babies in can finally buy a house so we can stop moving so much it would be a dream come true….

  4. I want to win it will make my kids every happy I can give them whatever they want .they deserve everything that they never had .please let me win .please come to cameron tx