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Make A Wish, Pick A Lamp, And Enter To Win Up To $1 Million!

At Publishers Clearing House, we’re no strangers to making dreams come true. But every once in a while even we outdo ourselves. With our Genie’s Lucky Lamp Sweepstakes, we’re giving players the chance to win up to $1 Million! Just think about it for a minute – what would you do if the Prize Patrol showed up at your home with a check for that much money?

Winning such a windfall of money can be overwhelming, so we decided to come up with a list of some ideas for how to use that cash.

Pay Off Your Debt

The best life is one that is lived free from debt, and should you win $1 Million, you can pay off all of your family’s debt. From your mortgage and car loans to your student loans and credit cards, you will have enough money to wipe them all clean. Of course, you can always use some of the money to buy a new home or a new car if your current ones aren’t meeting your needs.

Follow Your Passion

If you feel stuck in a dead-end job that you really don’t like, then 1 Million Dollars will give you the financial freedom to follow your passion. Heck, you can even start a brand new business based on what you love doing and still have enough money to live on until the business takes off.

Share It With Family

We all want the best for our families and everybody can use extra money these days. So, one way to get the most pleasure from your winnings is to share it with others in your family. From paying off your parents’ medical bills to putting money in a trust fund for your child, sharing the money will pay off in so many soul-satisfying ways.

Travel The World

Ever watch travel shows on TV and wish you could be the one on that beach in Hawaii, or dining at the best ramen places in Japan, or taking a train ride across Europe? Win up to $1 Million in the Genie’s Lucky Lamp Sweepstakes and the world will be your oyster, literally and figuratively! This sweepstakes is designed for the dreamers in us all. You could win, but you have to enter for the chance to make it happen!

Invest Wisely

The stock market is as unpredictable as ever, especially with a new president in office. But, over the long haul, investing has traditionally been shown to pay off. The key is learning as much about the market as possible and making good investment decisions. You can also choose to invest in precious metals and commodities and start (or add to) a registered retirement savings plan so your future will be financially sound.

It’s always fun to think of what your life would be like if you won 1 Million Dollars, but with Publishers Clearing House, that dream really can become a reality.  Enter the Genie’s Lucky Lamp Sweepstakes today for your chance at winning 1 million dollars. There’s no obligation to enter and you can enter every day until the deadline. Good luck!

Dave D.
For PCH Creative

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