Two Good Wins For The Goodwins!

The Goodwin Family was down on their luck recently, until Jane Goodwin won $1 Million from Publishers Clearing House on August 31st, 2017! You see – Jane told us she had never won anything in her entire life, so when we came to surprise her with a $1 Million, she was overwhelmed with joy and emotion that luck finally struck! Jane told us in an interview a few weeks after her win, “I’ve been entering Publishers Clearing House for 47 years, and I’m still playing! Lightening can strike twice!” Her faith in the system and her positive outlook was so refreshing to see – and we at PCH were just SO ecstatic that she was a winner!

As luck would have it, the lightening that Jane was referring to DID strike twice! Yes – you read that right … just a few months after Jane’s $1 Million Publishers Clearing House win, Jane’s husband Robert got a fortune of his own when he won $1 MILLION from a state lottery scratch card! AMAZING, RIGHT? What are the odds!? I couldn’t even believe it when I saw the news! But folks, it’s true! Robert became a millionaire of his own when he purchased a state lottery scratch card for just $5!

Many news stations around the Massachusetts area caught wind of Robert’s recent $1 Million windfall, and they decided to cover the amazing story! Check out just some of the news coverage going around below!

It’s quite amazing how the Goodwins’ luck changed so quickly! They were such a sweet couple when we met them in August, and we couldn’t be happier for the lovely pair. The Goodwins say they plan to use some of their combined winnings to move to a gated community where shoveling snow will be a thing of the past!

Let’s hear it for the Goodwins! And folks, let this amazing story be a reminder to you all that lightening can strike once, even twice! AND a big win could be just one entry away! So enter today and every day, and YOUR luck could change in the blink of an eye, like it did for the Goodwins!

Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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  1. Pc h i want to enter to win 1 million plus more .don’t know why I never win anthing. Thank you Martha grier