Publishers Clearing House Photo Gallery


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  1. Yes, after over 40 years of playing and ordering a lot through those years. I have not won a dime worth of anything. Know I will not live another 40 years, but a wish above all to help my 35 grandchildren.
    Thanks for the dreams.


  2. Hi iam Patti Shoults, I’ve played PCH for years and dreamed and hoped you would knock on my door. If I win I would pay all my bill’s off and buy my daughter and grandson a new home. I would love to help. Them even when I am gone.

  3. Good afternoon Publisher Clearing House why just letting you know that I’m here to win I’m just letting you know I do want to win if I wasn’t serious I would be playing all the games that publishers clearance house has to offer you know I’ve been trying and trying I do not hear anyone knocking at my door sometimes I feel as just a tease to me

  4. Hi my name is Gary Snook . I have been customer and contestant for over 41 years. I really enjoy the fun and thrill of thinking I might join the ranks of the PCH CONTEST WINNERS but, I believe I’ll be pushing up daisys before I become a winner. Congrats to all the winners to date !!!! THANKS

  5. Hope one day I can be part of the family one day… Very priceless and a blessing to be honored… I’m a true believer that miracles do occur in our lives. Good luck to everybody and God bless.

  6. I am claiming to be a winner with the family wall of fame, VIP ELITES EXCLUSIVE GRANTD REWARDS gwy 10424 50,000.00. And 11000 gwy 1,000 week a day for life plus 1,000.000.00 sounds good to me. Thanks PCH