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PCHlotto Is Here With A Brand New Lineup Of Free Lotto Cards!

Hey There Lotto Fans!

We hope you’re ready for an exciting opportunity to go for prizes, because PCHlotto is launching a brand new set of free lotto cards  that could win you BIG cash!

You read that right, there are new lotto cards to be played and BIG prizes to be won! So, for your shot to win big, check out the brand new free lotto cards being offered this month at PCHlotto! Like my favorite, the PCHlotto Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot card that could win you up to $2 million!

Bigger bucks

The Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot increases every time you play – so keep playing daily and watch it grow!

This month’s lotto cards are our most exciting ones yet with cool prize ideas like you’ll find on the $1,000.00 Great Gadget Giveaway card! Just imagine … sitting back and watching your favorite show on the widescreen Smart TV you bought using cash you won from a FREE “Pick 7” lotto card!

Great gadget giveaway

And get ready to say Ciao! to the February chill with the $10,000 Ciao Wow lotto card – another one of my favorite free lotto cards this season! Win and you’d get $10,000 you could use to do anything you want, like take a trip! And with that kind of money you could do a lot more than just get out of town!

Ciao Wow

And if you think these are exciting, just wait until you see the rest of our February lotto card lineup!  (HINT: Worried about what gift to get that special someone come Valentine’s Day? Well if you win one of our Valentine lotto cards you’ll definitely be able to afford it!) But the only way to SEE the rest of the cards is to play…so head over to PCHlotto and check them out!

Remember, play your free lotto cards now and you could win big cash in our nightly drawing tonight! And to take full advantage of today’s opportunities don’t forget to play PCHlotto again tonight with PCHlotto Twilight (after 5PM, ET) for even more ways to win!

Good luck!

Keiran C.
PCH Creative

What’s Your Perfect PCHlotto “Resolution Ritual”?

Take the Digit Diva’s Quiz Now To Find Out Now!


Hey Blog Readers,

Want your 2016 to be PCHlotto perfection?  Looking for the best way to make the most out of your game play?  Well, take the “Digit Diva’s Resolution Ritual Quiz” just for fun – and you could find the best “Resolution Ritual” for your lifestyle!

Digit Diva’s Resolution Ritual Quiz:

1) Your friend gives you a must-try recipe which calls for a teaspoon of salt.  Do you:

a) Grab your measuring spoon, gently pour the salt, level and sprinkle in to your mix – making sure every last grain is added?

b) Get the salt shaker and shake 3 times – then 2 more, for good measure…because you can’t go wrong with too much salt, right?

c) A teaspoon? Ugh, who has time for that?!?  Let’s go out to eat!

2) To keep from feeling awkward at a party, you find it best to:

a) Help the host/hostess with prep or cleanup

b) Introduce yourself to strangers and jump into the conga line.

c) Check your email … or snag some PCH opportunities … because partying can be productive, too!

3) Your checkbook is:

a) Balanced to the penny.

b) A “best effort” with cross outs and arrows because you put things in the wrong column every once in a while.

c) Checkbook?  I do my banking online, thank you.

4) My favorite activities include things like:

a) Scrapbooking and knitting.

b) Spa days and parties.

c) Working and shopping.

5) Some relatives have dropped off their children for the day.  You let them play outside and now, they’re at your door all muddy and looking for lunch. Do you?

a) Give them your clothes to wear until you can wash their outfits?

b) Tell them to get back outside, get out the hose and make more mud to play in after they eat?

c) Send them back outside, hose them off and let them “air dry” while they eat on the porch.

Mostly A’s:  You like to get things done once, and done right!  You don’t “miss a spot” when you clean and you only have leftovers if it’s intentional.  The same goes for your gameplay.  You want to win big and you want to get all your opportunities in one shot.  That’s why your optimal PCHlotto Resolution Ritual should be to play all your cards after 5PM, ET!  That way you can play them all at once, score all your ways to win and move on to your next conquest.

Mostly B’s:  Your motto is to “go with the flow”… and whatever happens, happens.  You don’t typically “do” resolutions, but you’re willing to take this quiz just to see if the answer is good for a giggle.  You’d want to win one of those “for life” prizes the best, not necessarily because it’s more money, but because each payment would be a new adventure waiting to happen.  That’s why your optimal PCHlotto Resolution Ritual should be to play your cards throughout the day!  Start early, come back later … then leave and come back again … As long as you get them done before 11:59PM, ET you’ll be in it to win it!  Remember, even though you’re not big on resolutions, as long as you play daily, you could become a winner!

Mostly C’s:  You always wondered why people had to stop to smell the roses when they can smell them just fine passing by the flower shop!  You like things fast paced, you never waste a second and you’ve thought to yourself on more than one occasion that you would have the most exciting winning moment ever because the PCH Prize Patrol would have to search ALL OVER if you were their winner!  That’s why your optimal PCHlotto Resolution Ritual should be to play your cards on our mobile site AND the PCHlotto App! That way, you can get lots of ways to win without stopping for a second!  I’d tell you more, but I know you’re busy… 🙂

So, let me know below if your PCHlotto Resolution Ritual will fit in with your lifestyle – and remember, no matter what type of player you are, or what rituals you have, you could win big with PCHlotto!  So make sure you play once…twice…even six times a day, every day in 2016!

Good Luck & Happy New Year!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

PCHlotto Is Even Better With BONUS GAMES

Hey Blog Team,

Have YOU seen what’s new at PCHlotto lately?

PCHlotto Bigger Bucks Card 

I hope you’ve been playing – but if not, take a look at the top of the screen and you’ll notice that we’ve got BIG BONUS GAMES waiting for you!

That’s right – they’re not just for anymore, folks!  Play your cards and you’ll see the bonuses start with 5 SHOTS TO WIN $2,500.00 CASH!

PCHlotto Cards 

Oh, and do you recognize these Scratch offs?  I sure hope so…you used to see them every day at the END of all your drawing cards, but now you get to play them earlier than before!  Isn’t that great?  You might be surprised at first when you play them and then start up with your drawing cards again, but don’t worry – you still get the same amount of shots to win… wait, did I say the SAME?  I meant EVEN MORE…

Keep going!  Play all your cards and you’ll get to play our BRAND NEW $5,000.00 Bonus Game that lets you spin for the chance to win Cash or score Tokens on-the-spot!  Take a look …

PW_12_18_PCHlotto Bonus Games 

Will you match cash prizes like $100, $500 or EVEN $5,000?  Or maybe you’ll score a $20.00 Gift Card – that’d be pretty cool too, wouldn’t it?  And let’s not forget Tokens… Score 10,000 Tokens and you could definitely go for something really special in the PCHRewards Token Exchange!

I think these these big bonus plays make PCHlotto EVEN BETTER, but let’s not forget that PCHlotto already has some of THE BEST PRIZES PCH HAS TO OFFER like up to $2 Million in the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot, $10,000.00 Cash AND A SUPERPRIZE OPPORTUNITY waiting during game play.  You could become a “hundredaire”, “thousandaire”, millionaire or multi-millionaire at PCHlotto every time you play …so make sure you take advantage of EVERY WAY TO WIN!

Good Luck – and keep on playing all month to see if you’re one of the first to win with our brand new bonus games (or one of the last to win with our standard games in 2015!)!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. Let me know what you think of PCHlotto’s Bonus Games below!

Free App Update: PCHlotto App Gets Everyone In The Giving Spirit!

Gifts on Lotto App

Hey Blog Team,

It’s beginning to look a lot like…….last minute holiday gift-giving CRUNCH time, lol!  And, if you’re like me, it becomes nearly impossible to find something perfect for EVERYONE on your list (can you believe I have SIXTEEN nieces and nephews?!?) without breaking the bank.  But, I’m here today to tell you not to worry – because your favorite FREE APP, PCHlotto, is going to save the day!

How can an App that’s full of free to play, lotto style games that could win you REAL CASH save the day, you ask?  Well, the answer is….GIFTS! Yes, PCHlotto App has a special GIFTS section where you can give more gifts than Santa Claus himself … FOR FREE! And it’s SO easy!

Just open the gifts section in the app…

PCHlotto App

… Click on the “Friends” Tab at the top and .. Give! Give! Give!

Friends Tab

Each GIFT you give is a pack of chips that can be used to play our Free PCHlotto App, and could win your family and friends lots of money on-the-go!

Imagine it:  On the way to holiday dinner your best pal plays the PCHlotto App with the Gift YOU SENT and WIN$!  No sweater or pen set is even going to come close to that feeling of excitement — and do you know what means?!?  It means YOU would win “best gift giver of the year!” – FOR FREE – and your friend would tell the story of this “holiday payday” for lots of years to come!

I know it sounds silly to think that FREE GIFTS are going to make someone “over-the-top” happy, but honestly this small gesture of kindness could REALLY change someone’s life!  A win could happen at any time on the PCHlotto App – and your FREE GIFT could make it happen.

So don’t wait — start your gift giving early with our fun, free PCHlotto App! Keep on playing daily and get your friends and family in on the fun to see if any of you will become a winner before the New Year!

Good Luck & Happy Gifting!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. PCHlotto Gifts can be given or received ANY time, so make sure you keep on sharing all year long!

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