What if the PCH Winner isn’t Home?

When the PCH Prize Patrol is about to surprise a Publishers Clearing House winner with a cash sweepstakes prize, bystanders often ask us, “What if you go to a winner’s home AND THE WINNER ISN’T THERE?”

This question is prompted mostly by curiosity; but I sometimes get the feeling that they want me to say, “Well, if the winner isn’t home, we’ll just give YOU the prize.”

While disposing of the Big Check that way might save us hours of waiting around for the winner to come home, it would be against the rules – and it wouldn’t be fair. We want to meet that lucky person who entered our contests and whose sweepstakes entry turned out to be the winner!

So WHAT do we do if the winner isn’t home?

We look for a neighbor who might know where the winner is: Is he or she at work? On vacation? On a brief errand? In a hospital? Or is the PCH winner someone who works nights and is sound asleep inside and doesn’t hear us knocking? (This has happened numerous times.)

A few weeks ago we were in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where knocks at the door of $10,000 prize drawing winner John Goldman went unanswered. A good neighbor across the street was keeping watch and saw our Prize Patrol van pull up. She saw deputy Danielle and me emerge with roses, balloons and the Big Check; she saw our cameraman and the local TV crews videotaping the exciting suspense; so she couldn’t resist coming out of her house to talk to us.

“I saw them this morning,” she told us, referring to John Goldman and his wife. “I know they’re not away. They’re probably just shopping and they’ll be home before long.”

So we retired to a nearby coffee shop to kill some time. We didn’t have to wait long. My cell phone rang as I finished up my frappucino. “They’re back!” came the neighbor’s message.

We returned to the winner’s home and, predictably, knocked John Goldman’s socks off with a surprise winning moment.

PCH Winner J Goldman

Alas, the helpful neighbor didn’t receive the Publishers Clearing House prize – as much as she might have welcomed it. But we were able to give her an Official Prize Patrol T-shirt which she promptly and proudly donned for other neighbors to see. “Hey, it’s a start,” she exclaimed.

Would YOU be a good neighbor and assist us if we asked for help? My guess is you would. But, let’s be honest: Wouldn’t you rather be THE WINNER? If your answer is YES, let’s get started!

Enter the PCH contest now and you could be one of the 101 Winners we will surprise just weeks from now — with Big Checks of $10,000 each! You could even win $1 Million! We are dispatching Prize Patrol teams to 101 towns and cities across the USA – so the chances are better than ever that we could be coming to where you live. To find out if we are coming to your area, simply go to pch.com and type in your zip code. Then ENTER to play the PCH Sweepstakes!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


23 thoughts on “What if the PCH Winner isn’t Home?”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    They will find you!

  2. Arnecia says:

    Thank you for making people dreams come true,,

  3. Kaley Silders says:

    So if I happen to win, but I’m down at college 3 1/2 hours away when they come to my door, will my parents be able to accept the gift for me? I’m sure they would be super excited and happy because I am at college and so is my brother and we had to take out mamy loans just for me to be here and it’s going to take a long time to pay off my debt and any more money in our pocket would be a huge blessing.

  4. rachelle meissner says:

    we are going to be out of the country from Aug 27th – Sept 22 what happens if I win

  5. Ron Maddox says:

    My mom lives across the street. And we need this prize the 3 million home remodel. Our home is so small, we barely have room. I have to use my sons closet. And our bedrooms are so close we have no “personal space”. We have one bathroom. I would love to have a new home

  6. Trina Judd says:

    I cant wait for a knock at my door I play all the time thank you for making all the fun games that keeps me up all though the night :) you all are amazing

  7. Jayne Antes says:

    the month of April I will be on a cruise ship
    in the Caribbean—-how can I be contacted?

    can my daughter receive gilft, she lives same

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  9. bashkim dalipi says:

    what ef I am in canda or meksiko

  10. Georgia Manahan says:

    I live with my daughter and her husband. I know I would not be home on Nov. 26 as we go to Arkansas every year celebrate Thanksgiving week. I would be gone the rest of the week.
    I would love to win. I could help all my struggling great grandchildren.

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