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PCH Prize Award in Stockton, CA

Here are some notes from our recent PCH Prize Patrol visit in Stockton, CA, when we were on the trail of a Publishers Clearing House winner

Ready for our next sweepstakes winning moment, we drive up to an apartment building. The PCH Prize Patrol is excited to surprise a resident with a big check from the cash sweepstakes.

We stop at the reception desk and explain that as the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol, we have a check for Mary Cotton. The receptionist calls Mary to tell her that she has visitors who are bringing up a delivery. She keeps our real identities secret so that Mary could fully enjoy her sweepstakes winning moment with the added element of surprise. Balloons, roses and a big check in hand, we parade through the lobby, attracting the curious attention of many residents who are relaxing there. We distribute official PCH Prize Patrol pens and they are delighted.

Mary Cotton is waiting outside her apartment, probably wondering about her delivery. As we expectantly round the corner, we discover a feisty, petite and very excited woman wearing a multi-colored housedress. She accepts her big check, completely surprised and moved by her winning moment. “I’m still in my housedress and I was just going to get in the shower!” she exclaims. She invites us in, filled with exuberant joy. “I’m still shaking from the surprise,” she admits a little later and then confides that she has been wearing a heart monitor for several days. “Well, you’ll certainly have some explaining to do for your doctor!” we say as Mary laughs, agreeing. She informs us that she often enters the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes and is delighted that we showed up with a big check for her!

Sheryl S.

PCH Prize Patrol Deputy

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