PCH Facebook Fan Page – Extreme Makeover Edition

By now many of you have visited the Publishers Clearing House Facebook fan page and have likely seen our involving updates about PCH promotions and sweepstakes, along with all the fan generated comments and links to the PCH online properties. Also included is an active Support Tab where PCH fans like you can post questions or concerns. To make sure all of your questions are answered, we have a team of friendly customer service reps who monitor and respond to questions throughout the day.

Some would say these features make for a good fan page – but we think we can do better! To do just that, we’ve created a brand new experience for fans of Publishers Clearing House on Facebook. I like to call it the “PCH Facebook Fan Page – Extreme Makeover Edition.”

The new PCH Facebook fan page tab was designed from the ground up with you in mind. Some of the exciting new features include:

- A PCH Sweepstakes Gallery with direct links to enter our famous sweepstakes
- A Share the Dream section that will allow you to send fun PCH-related virtual gifts to your friends – know someone who’d like a “Big Check”?
- Pictures of our recent sweepstakes winners
- An additional space to leave comments and interact with other fans

As exciting as the launch is for the PCH team, we are even more excited to hear back from you! Your feedback will help us make the PCH Facebook Fan Page even more useful and enjoyable for you and your friends.

So please take a look and let us know what you think! We’re especially interested in knowing what kind of applications you would like to see added to the fan page tab. Keep in mind that this is your page and the more feedback you give us, the better we can make it!

Frank @ PCH

228 thoughts on “PCH Facebook Fan Page – Extreme Makeover Edition”

  1. Dante Wright says:


  2. Dante Wright says:


  3. I love the new additions to the Fan Page

  4. Dawn Peevey says:

    I think the Fan page is wonderful. Easier to see an soft on elderly eyes, i just have noted that some side boxes downloaded state upload unsuccessful when watching Danielles videos. Is it my ph problem? Thankyou.

  5. Nayda says:

    Making it easier for fans and fun in the process for an opportunity to make The Lucky check and moreand many ways to win!

  6. Peggy says:

    The design is easy to follow and navigate .

    1. back again thank you for having me in to these contest

  7. Jeannie Jex says:

    Think I’ll like it …. I will definitely give it a try. Gosh there are so many different sites for PCH I don’t know if I can keep up. Oh well I’ll have fun trying.

  8. Good news, Are there going to be new contest for smaller cash prizes or gifts?
    It would be great I know woman would like to win. hair blower, well woman stuff.Garden tools , kitchen and other things.

  9. carolyn says:

    I truly love PCH it keeps nme intertained and gives me the chsnce to dream high and keep the faith that one day I will win. I am a huge fan

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