PCH Winners on Facebook – Now Possible!

Entering PCH sweepstakes was first limited to submitting offline entries consisting of mailing paper packages back and forth. While that’s where PCH started, and you still can enter to win big cash sweepstakes, we’ve developed MORE opportunities for you PCHers as years have gone by.

With the internet bubble, came an additional and more modern way of entering to win. You can find this additional winning opportunity by visiting Publishers Clearing House online at PCH.com. As technology constantly advances, sites like Facebook have become an even bigger online force. We saw this as yet another opportunity to give PCHers a chance to win big sweepstakes prizes. But this also gave us an opportunity to find our most dedicated fans and give them their own PCH sweepstakes.

On Facebook we try to give our fans more opportunities to win, because of the big way they show their support for us. The Publishers Clearing House Facebook page is fully interactive, which also means we can hold exclusive prize giveaways and sweepstakes through Facebook! Our first ever Facebook Fan Page Sweepstakes winner won $1,000.00 recently and told us about her experience.                                      

Ophelia M. the official PCH Facebook winner shared with us that she has an “open, friendly and honest” relationship with PCH. As a Facebook Fan of Publishers Clearing House, when she saw that PCH was awarding $1,000.00 to one of their fans, she took hold of the opportunity and entered to win daily.

Not only did she comment that it was easy to follow directions, and that she even enjoyed entering, but she would recommend PCH to a friend or family member. 

Ophelia M. told us that she wanted to share the following message with you: “I’m very thankful that I have won for the very first time in my life.” 

Read more about Ophelia M. and the rest of the Publishers Clearing House Facebook Fans here.

The Prize Queen

112 thoughts on “PCH Winners on Facebook – Now Possible!”

  1. Maribel Mena says:

    I think this is so cool! I get so excited every time I see a new winner on pch! This is awesome! I hope one day soon I’m the next lucky winner!/I’m in it to win it!

  2. Teresa DeArmond says:

    It is so exciting to see the new winner each time they are announced. I just can’t even imagine how may emotions at once that someone can actually feel when you show up at their door. I sure enjoy play and would enjoy being a big winner even more!!!

  3. Erica Smith says:

    God will bless who ever is next on the winning list. itd be lovely being a 22 year old mother of 3 with an horrible childhood..put in foster care..adopted..and treated as an outsider. abused physically..mentally..but yet im still here and strong and have 3 healthy cildren to show for it. do i want them to never want for anything yes but rather its thru pch or working hard as i can multiple jobs..were gonna be ok.

  4. Cowatis Hicks says:

    I no I’m in it to win. My name will be be next on the winner list. Good luck to everybody.

  5. Shari Clay says:

    I watched Tamber Howard and many others win big I remember Tamber Howard’s she’s always said $$ ,and I knew she was in it to win it

  6. carolinejinks says:

    great PCH i hope that i win and share my big winning with you guys but i did won a pch.com 10$ amazon gift card on a instant scratch off card and i am pride of it thank you PCH

  7. Linda Thomas says:

    what do you do when your picture is under “DO YOU LOOK LIKE THIS” do I have to contact you or do you contact me v3080pcha v4900pcha activation Linda Thomas

    1. Linda Thomas says:

      why is my reply canceled? all I have ever wanted was answer. how would you feel if all you wanted was an answer and the only person that could give it to you ignored you for years? at first you would try reason then ,you would get angry, then then you would try to be patience, finally you would get pissed off. I have to take responsibility for my actions, but you have to take responsibility for your actions too. in one of your games you asked how bad do you want to win, will I think I have proven how much I want to win. PLEASE REPLY Linda Thomas v3080pcha v4900pcha activation

  8. susie riopelle says:

    I say all smiles and congratulations to Robert best wishes thats super gives us all hope that one day our wish and dream will come true im in it to win it everyday all kind of ways i would love to have a chance to experience being a winner for the first time with the prize patrol at my door when you put your mine to it you can do anything i believe im positive and im never giving up my dream will come true one day. ( Robert gave me hope saying there real ) i say thank you Robert and congratulations one super winner love pch pch superfan forever

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