Publishers Clearing House Logo Gets A New Look


The Publishers Clearing House logo has been updated in recognition of the company’s evolution from a traditional direct marketer to a multi-channel marketer offering a growing variety of winning opportunities, games and value-based offers online in addition to its classic by-mail sweepstakes promotions.

The original Publishers Clearing House logo that traveled to tens of millions of mailboxes on the front of big sweepstakes envelopes for nearly 30 years was first introduced in 1982.  Its unique “House-elope” design was developed to incorporate the “house” in the company name along with the symbol of an envelope, the primary mode of communication for the by-mail sweepstakes giant.  Today, as a multi-channel marketer and provider of play and win content, Publishers Clearing House communicates increasingly more often via email, online interaction and social media.  So, the PCH logo has been given a “facelift” to contemporize its look.

The updated version strikes a balance between refreshment and familiarity.  Its outer corners have been rounded to reflect the more “relaxed” style of online and social media correspondence; but, the basic shape is still easily recognizable.  The abbreviation “PCH” has been given prominent positioning because this is how the company’s name is expressed online.  A modern, sans-serif font has been added along with bright color in recognition of today’s colorful world with color photocopying and colorful digital experiences.  On the new business cards and letterhead, there’s a playful, tilted watermark of the logo in keeping with PCH’s increased focus on the development of online play and win opportunities, full of motion and animation.

The new Publishers Clearing House logo is being rolled out in all company communications across all channels, so watch for the new, contemporized look to appear.

As we celebrate our growth and evolution with these design changes, remember our dedication to delighting, inspiring and entertaining our customers, fans and followers is still a cornerstone of our business!

Please let us know if you like the new look of the PCH logo!


Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH Publishers Clearing House

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  1. Rasiya Begam says:

    I&My family Enjoy The PCH sweepstakes online play and win opportunities.Thank you PCH.

  2. Rasiya Begam says:

    The One and Only PCH Sweepstakes Wonderful logo reflects that
    “**Victory House**”.Thank you all PCH familys.

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