A $10,000.00 Family Surprise in Texas

On August 30th Wanda Bosh went about her day, never expecting that a HUGE surprise from Publishers Clearing House would be waiting at her door. The PCH Prize Patrol stood knocking on Wanda’s front door in Dallas, Texas, saddened when we realized nobody was home. While defaulting to our usual plan B – asking the neighbor across the street for help – a pleasant surprise of our own arrived….Wanda was pulling into her driveway!  We ducked behind the neighbor’s car hoping our cover wouldn’t be blown.  Luckily Wanda didn’t see us.

When the coast was clear, the Prize Patrol gathered our gear – cameraman, the balloons, bouquet, champagne and, of course, the BIG check. This time around, Wanda opened within 3 knocks – and WOW was she surprised!   Even though her mouth was full, she managed to scream, “You’re kidding me! What did I win?!” and kept repeating, “I am in shock!”  Even though Wanda was in shock, she was so overwhelmed with joy that she waved her big check up in the air to all the cars that passed and screamed, “Look I won!!!!” and “God is so good!”

Wanda had just returned from the doctor’s office where she received a full stress test.  Lucky for her, the stress test happened BEFORE the Prize Patrol surprised her with that big $10,000.00 check!

Once the initial shock of seeing the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol started to wear off, Wanda was kind enough to share her story with us.  Sadly Wanda’s husband passed away nearly a year ago …and she believes he is responsible for this “PCH blessing.” While finances were difficult, her 3 daughters were there to support her – both financially and emotionally.  Can you believe that just days before the Prize Patrol surprised her with $10,000.00,  Wanda’s daughters were helping her with an estate sale to prepare her to move in with one of them.  As luck would have it, there was literally 1 vase left – a perfect fit for the beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The day couldn’t have run more smoothly for the Prize Patrol.  One of Wanda’s daughters was on her way over and would be able to join in on the excitement.  Wanda’s daughter Rhonda screeched down the block with excitement and jumped out of the car yelling “NO WAY!  Are you holding a check?! This is so awesome!”  But the fun wasn’t over yet – just minutes later, another one of Wanda’s daughters arrived!  Yolanda tearfully embraced her mother and told us “she is so deserving. She would give the clothes off her back. She is such a wonderful person.” To see Wanda’s winning moment, click below:

Wanda Bosh Winning Moment Video

Whether this $10,000.00 PCH cash windfall was a gift from her husband, random good luck, or karma paying off as her daughters say…..this big PCH check came just in the nick of time – as we have seen so many times before.  Congratulations Wanda and thank you so much for sharing your story with us.  You are the perfect example of why I feel the Prize Patrol is the most rewarding job in the world.

Wanda Bosh and the Prize Patrol

If you want the Prize Patrol to knock on your door next, simply go to www.pch.com to enter the sweepstakes – and you never know – YOU could be the one holding that big check next!

Danielle Lam

Danielle Lam

PCH Prize Patrol Elite

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