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First Time’s a Charm For Ray Randall!

According to the old adage, practice makes perfect. But Ray Randall became a Publishers Clearing House winner the first time he entered! How’s that for good luck?

Eighty-one year old Ray has been retired from Nabisco for 32 years and lives with his wife in Twin Falls, Idaho. He has received letters from Publishers Clearing House in the past, but never actually entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. But this time was different. When he got a letter from Publishers Clearing House ― he entered! He’s not exactly sure what made him change his mind. “I decided I’ll do it and maybe something will come of it,” he said.


Ray received a letter from Publishers Clearing House via UPS informing him that he had won at least $1,000.00 and was in the running to win a Millionaire-Making SuperPrize on August 31st! He admits that he was a little skeptical at first, but he soon realized it was for real. Although the August 31st SuperPrize ended up going to Larry Brown of Granite City, IL, Ray is very pleased with his $1,000.00 winnings!

As for his exciting Cash Prize, Ray plans on using it for expenses. When asked what he’d tell his friends about Publishers Clearing House, Ray replied, “Give it a try!”

Ray got his winning entry by responding through the mail ― but you could enter the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes online … and it just takes seconds.  In fact, it’s easy to get daily entries for Publishers Clearing House prizes at our family of websites including:,,, and more!

The moral of Ray’s story: Stop thinking about entering … and do it!  There’s no time like the present, after all…


Good luck!

Elaina R.

PCH Creative

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