Our Guarantee Is Worth A Million (Or More)!

You’ve dreamed of the moment:

You hear a knock and as you’re walking to answer the door, you look outside the window and see a famous dark blue van. As you open the door you see a colorful flash of balloons, a bright red bouquet of red roses, a dark blue blazer with the Prize Patrol emblem, along with three television cameras capturing the look on your face.

That winning moment excitement has been shared by hundreds of winners! It’s the job of Publishers Clearing House to make that moment wonderfully memorable.

Sure winners see balloons, roses, the Prize Patrol and “Big Checks,” but they don’t see all the work that goes into our promise … our guarantee.

That guarantee: To make sure our prize is awarded just as promoted … that the winner will be selected by following careful protocols … and that all safeguards are used to ensure that the SuperPrize is properly funded!

Here are some of the steps we take to make every winner feel like a million:

  • Before the SuperPrize® is registered, PCH buys a surety bond to guarantee funding , a requirement of law in some states.
  • When Publishers Clearing House decides to promote a prize that is over $5,000.00, it registers that prize with the states of New York and Florida. The surety bond is sent with the registration applications.
  • Bulletins that you receive in the mail or email, are carefully created by writers and artists, and then carefully reviewed by lawyers and contest experts to make sure the promotions are clear, accurate and truthful.
  • After all entries are received and the winner is ready to be drawn, our contest officials take over. Contest Analyst, Lori S., writes a memo to our Information Systems Contest Department which identifies all eligible SuperPrize Numbers from our Contest System for a the specific Giveaway we’re about to award.
  • Then Contest Manager, Maryann Carter, reviews the memo and makes sure that proper instructions have been given to identify all eligible entries. On Drawing Day, Information Systems inputs eligible SuperPrize Numbers into the Winning Number Generator and THE WINNING NUMBER IS SELECTED!
  • This SuperPrize Number, worth a life-changing fortune, is then sent to Maryann Carter in a special encrypted email that only she can view. After viewing the winning number, Maryann then asks Information Systems to do a “look-up” for the name and address associated with that winning number. Now the Prize Patrol knows where their next exciting winning moment will happen! That’s where the real fun begins!

Winners need to enter for chances to win a millionaire-making fortune from Publishers Clearing House, but we leave nothing to chance to make sure every detail is taken care of to properly award and fund our prizes!

So enter with confidence! Publishers Clearing House handles every detail to ensure you have an awesome experience with us! Good luck!

Elliott M.

PCH Creative

61 thoughts on “Our Guarantee Is Worth A Million (Or More)!”

  1. Monta says:

    I want to win and I’m in it to win it I love gold

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  3. Denise Santacroce says:

    I love pch….I dream n play everyday…platinum level…I believe and tell everyone I’m gonna win….please …please…please …I promise to be like Elken…give back…God like ways of kindness ……I already promised to give 20% every week to all less fortunate…. Homeless…military/ families…Kids…elderly…military..church….St Jude’s…Ronald mc Donald…myrtle beach christian church…beach outreach…promise land…wounded warriors…cancer…animals/ all….multiple sclerosis…abused women..

  4. wow I will just wait thanks

  5. To my Dear Friends at PCH

    I really would Love To Have My Dreams Come True on 12/30/2015
    Please help Me to Accomplish My Dreams

    Thank you so much

    Thank you

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    Thank you

  6. Kim Weeks says:

    1Million A Year For Life.

  7. lashell irving says:

    entry pch.com 1830-4900 daily and just wait on that knock on my door

  8. Pam says:

    I’m in it to win it pc240

  9. Brice M. says:

    I have watched my mom enter for many years and so on and so on and I love her so much. I’ve kept this ambitious quest to keep the faith and never let go of your dreams and to always know there’s perfect picture around the way.

    So to the dreamers ☺

    1. NINJAS says:

      BristolWest !

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