Will YOU Become the Next Publishers Clearing House “Reality Star?”

Reality TV is still heating up the small screen!  The X Factor just got renewed for another season, and shows like The Real Housewives have millions of devoted followers!  Are you a reality TV fan? I’ll admit I’ve been caught watching Dancing with the Stars! I love the glamour of the ballroom … and don’t get me started on all those cute dancers!

While reality TV can be wildly entertaining (and just plain wild) I personally think the most exciting “Reality Show” can be found on our Publishers Clearing House commercials and online at PCHTV.com!  After all, our Publishers Clearing House “winning moments” include all the essential elements…

DRAMA! What’s more dramatic than an ordinary person winning an extraordinary fortune?
SURPRISE! When the Prize Patrol shows up at a winner’s door, we never know what’s going to happen!
REALITY! All those happy, screaming, shrieking winners ― they’re 100% REAL!

Very soon there will be a NEW Publishers Clearing House “Reality Star!” On November 30th, the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol will DEFINITELY award the Mega Prize ― $1 Million on the spot plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life ― and change someone’s life forever! When they arrive at the winner’s home, they’ll have a camera crew with them so every dramatic moment of the winner’s real-life “close-up” can be shared!

It’s not too late to be in the running! But hurry, there are only a few days left!  You can maximize your entry opportunities by entering across the Publishers Clearing House family of websites including PCHSearch&Win and PCH.com every day through the November 18th  (11:59 PM, ET) deadline.

And, guess what I just learned? Facebook users can get Mega Prize entries at the Publishers Clearing House Fan Page!  Here’s how:

1. Go to the Publishers Clearing House Fan Page
2. Click the “Win $5k A Week For Life” Tab.
3. Fill out the entry form so the Prize Patrol can find you in the event you become the big winner.
4. Come back every day through November 18th to enter again.

No one knows who the lucky Mega Prize winner will be! Make sure you enter at PCH.com, PCHSearch&Win and the Publishers Clearing House Fan Page while there’s still time!

Good luck!
Elaina R.

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Amber Boyle said...

Yes I could be the next winner. As long as I really do not have to buy anything. And PCH meagsuperprize is actually a real thing. Thank you for the consideration God be blessed

Martha Jimanaroj said...

Out of all the ‘reality’ TV shows on air, I can say whole heartedly that there’s nothing I would enjoy more than to be on the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol show!

Nora Parrish said...

I’ve been entering everday from all listed links above hope I’m doing it right, Thanks PCH for blessing many lives …..peace

Nancy Sexton said...

Yep! It sure does have all the makings of a reality TV show!!

Bring it on then!! Let’s make it happen!! Time to give some REAL reality punch!!

Do ya even dare to go there? The PCH Prize Patrol Hunt is on!! I’d like to watch episodes of some of those great adventureous journeys with the Patrol as the stars!!

God bless everyone!!


Lauralee Hensley said...

I believe anyone who enters to win the PCH Mega Prize could be a winner, and that includes me. I feel you do your sweepstakes honestly and upfront.
I like watching Ice Road Truckers with my husband. I also like watching about the Duggars (by the way they are expecting their 20th child).
I wouldn’t mind briefly being in reality TV, as the winner of the Mega Prize, giveaway number 1400, this November 2011. However, I don’t think I’d want a TV show about me or my family.
Good Luck To All Of Us Who Enter.

maria estrella platecki said...

i wish i could be win im very excited to see the prize patrol i dnt know what happen for me i so nervous and shaking.then on november 30 i have my appointment doctor cause i have a lower back injury that happened in my work.god bless you all

angel castillo said...

hi friends i want to share with you how cool its been to have you guys as my friend on facebook i never thought i could have fun entering sweepstakes and playing games on line and it fun to know i just might win to tell u the truth im not a very smart person but so i ask a lot of questions but ya i enter every day cause i need the help you guys are very friendly and thats what put’s a smile on my face and to follow my dreams

Mrs. A.T. said...

I was never one for cameras or publicity, but then again not for computers and look at me now. Anything is possible. I would love to be a Publishers Clearing House Reality Star. Cameras rolling, sweats, t-shirt, hair messy, no make-up, who cares, believe me, it would be worth it. Then I would go to the beauty spa, haha. PCH could do a before and after Look at her now show. I enter daily dreams do come true…

Michelle Eaton said...

I want to win so bad

Rose Jackson said...

I would truly love to win this prize. It would allow me to pay off my grandmother’s medical bills from a long battle with leukemia. I would also be able to have my dream job. I want to start a foundation that enables women to go to the college of their choice, not just the college they can afford. I want to be able to make others’ dreams come true after mine does.

Valenda Johnson said...

To answer the question on today’s blog… YES!!! I am the ultimate Reality-PCH SuperFan… Extraordinaire… PCH has been around a long, long, long time and the reality of it all is that they are awesome and unstoppable!!! No reality television show or drama could ever out do what you guys do… I’m saying there ought to be some kind of “PCH-Oscar-Grammy-Academy-Emmy-Pulitzer-Prize…
SuperFantastic-You Take the Cake Award” with a cherry on top! …See how excited you all make me and that is reality… I mean what other online out there company offers great products, gives inspiring/informative blogs, let’s you be a “star” on their personal PCH-TV network, Friends-You of FB and Twitter, challenges you with a host of games and adventure, gives tips galore…, has great customer service, answers questions/clears up issues just to make you happy…, let’s you play lotto without even purchasing a ticket, gives you and outlet to “Search and then WIN, Trivia Questions to keep you on your toes, Show support… with Votes/Donations…, I can keep goin’ but, to sum it all up… PCH.com is a WINNER all it’s own… and, remember you can’t win if you don’t enter… P.S. – PCH, I LOVE YOU!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

moin fatmi said...

i wish i could be the winner ..

Tamara James said...

Cant wait untill nov 30!

kanika loeung said...

I always have fun when entering Sweepstakes and playing games on line and try to hit a lucky numbers to win $1 Million without spending any money but I felling like waiting for a stars drop on my hand.And also I am thinking about Prize Patroler and PCHers are a stars of me! So only a star that can make my life become sunshine for my living!
I really want to meet Prize Patrol Ambassadors to take a photographs with them.
Please let my dream come true!

maria estrella platecki said...

i wish i could be win i really enjoy playing games,lotto,searching,even voting the charity,to maam deborah you empress me so much anytime what happen i dont give the publishing clearing house and the prize patrol.i hope my dreams is come true thats my wish in my birthtday.hope to see in person cause i want to share my experience here its hard to me that im very far away to my kids.maybe finally i could visit the.once i really appreciate your company and the prize patrol,once again thank you very much cause the publishing clearing house and the prize patrol helping a lot of people including me.more blessing and more power.

Reality Star said...

I wish I could win PCH and become the next big reality star! I always play these sweepstakes and never win, so it would be great to become a reality tv star and win $!million.

robert e. rogers said...

to whom it may conseder at publishers clearning house. yes i want to become your next reality star this november 30th,2012.