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We Enter Something Every Day

We’re entering the heart of fall. The trees in the PCH parking lots are looking more autumnal. Most of the leaves are reddening and yellowing and falling down, while all of the pine trees, tall, thrust upward in well-filled tufts of greenish blue. Employees wearing overcoats and sweatshirts step on the fallen leaves adorning the light-gray pavement. I see conversations—little conversations. Of how the PCH fan pages are doing that week. Of what you fans have liked and have suggested. Or of how chilly it’s gotten in what can only be described as the blink of a season’s eye. Then, they enter the buildings of PCH, and work on the sweepstakes, games and prizes that the fans enter for every day.

What I’m trying to say is that it seems that every day, everyone enters into something, whether it’s sweepstakes, a relationship, a new stage of life, or even just a new day. You enter to win $5k for life for yourselves and friends and family. You enter the various other PCH contests and this lets us spread the joy of winning every day, and to donate to charities of all kind, including three exclusively through democratic vote of fans. And just by waking up and living your life, you enter new seconds, months and seasons all the time. It’s really mind-blowing when you think about it—that no matter what you do, you’re entering into something, and sharing a common connection with everything else you do.

At PCH we all have seen that you have reasons to enter for sweepstakes like $25,000 pile of cash or the PCH Mega Prize, and even participate in The Give Back charity program. After all, we hear your voices every day through comments, retweets, likes, and replies. And personally I think it’s inspiring to see so many people do things with a purpose. So as I was surveying the season today, I was wondering if all of you have purposes for everything you enter in life. Have you found purpose in what November means to you, or in what relationships you’ve entered? Does autumn make you feel like a winner in a different sense of the word? Comment and share your thoughts. I’d really be happy to hear from you!


PCH Intern

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