Hey Prize Patrol: What’s In That Suitcase?

On a recent Prize Patrol trip, I was often asked what was in my suitcase.

Capital One’s advertising slogan is “What’s in your wallet?”  Well, for me, the week of November 28th was when everyone I saw yelled “What’s in your suitcase?”  That’s because I was jetting from Tampa to Cincinnati to Newark to Dallas to Houston and home again pulling my wheelie-suitcase with a big, bright Prize Patrol logo on it.  Even if Danielle, Todd and I were not dressed “as seen on TV” in our blue-blazer uniforms, everyone in airports, on airplanes and in hotels knew who we were and what we were up to.  “Are you coming to my house?” they cried.

You know the TSA personnel at airport security who are usually as stone-faced as the guards at Buckingham Palace?  Well, even they lost their composure as they screened our baggage – probably hoping that we were there to surprise them with thousands or millions of dollars.  Sadly we had to tell them we were on our way to deliver a prize to someone else or that we had just changed the life of someone nearby and were on to the next award.  “But,” I advised them, “you could be a winner too if you enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

The universal reaction from far too many people in these situations was, “Gee, I never thought the PCH Prize Patrol was real!”  Imagine!  After all these years of showing actual “winning moments” on TV and appearing on national talk shows I couldn’t believe the amount of skepticism there is out there!

“We are absolutely real,” we assured them.  “See this?” I said referring to the oversized packages wrapped in brown paper that we were carrying.  “These are Big Checks for the lucky Publishers Clearing House Sweepstake winners.”

“Oh Wow!” they replied.  “How do I get in on this?”

“Just go enter the PCH Sweepstakes online at pch.com,” I said.  “It’s as simple as that.”

Chances are that if you are a regular PCH Blog reader you know how easy it is to enter our fabulous sweepstakes.  True, we just awarded a Mega Prize of $1 Million plus $5000 a week for life to Leroy Faulks Sr. of New Jersey.  But there are lots more prizes to win at Publishers Clearing House – prizes worth up to $10 Million!  And our rules allow you to go online to pch.com and enter our sweepstakes every day giving you more chances to win.

After all that traveling I’m glad to be home.  But, as always, I’m looking forward to another Prize Patrol trip. If you enter now and are lucky, our next destination could be your front door.

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

70 thoughts on “Hey Prize Patrol: What’s In That Suitcase?”

  1. Kimberly Williams says:

    Ive been entering to win but im just getting use to playing games & searching regurlarly to help me win faster so I pray that I come into big money soon because its always a scam when I think I have won something which is sad to get your hopes up & have future plans & it never come to be!!! But I will stay playing as if im goin to win soon & that day will come :) -Kimberly Williams !

  2. Robin Stone says:

    Guess I forgot all about you guys til recently. Used to enter religiously. Have started doing it again everyday. Am having faith that one day will be my day. Am disabled and just barely get by. Boy, would the sight of you guys be the answer to so many prayers, I just can’t tell you. Would also take care of my mother who has Alzheimer’s and help sister who has been caring for her with no income. Many needs in my family need to be met. What a blessing this would be! God willing! Bless you and your company for what they do for people, have read the stories…so many great and touching ones! Take care!

  3. Georgi Mielke says:

    Just browsing everyone’s comments and wishing the dream -to win the PCH $5,0000.oo forever contest along with the other 4 billion people. So, see there’s achance! lol

  4. penkolika says:

    my name penkolika i live in cambodia am 32 male single u know may be 2005 until now i alway search p c h almost every day some time they told me am win this am win something but i never get it because am at cambodia am not at USA but i think in one day i can win i hope that my feel told me that because i believe P C H is true

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi. Unless otherwise indicated in the Official Rules, our Giveaways are open to residents of the U.S. and Canada.

  5. Shirley Hegyes says:

    Yes I want to win and pay off all of the bills and be able to have a life and not worry about where the next penny will come from.LOL

  6. Antoinette Davis says:

    Hello, PCH Prize Patrols;

    I pray that you all have a happy and save trip to Birmingham,AL.

    We could really used the money here in our family. Both me and my family will be looking forward to meeting you all.

    With Love the Davis and Meadows families.

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