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Life Needs A Little Strategy

Almost everything we do needs a strategy.

I, like most people, enjoy watching my plans and strategies help me achieve my goals. It’s no wonder that one of my favorite pastimes is visiting PCHgames to play some of their fun and challenging strategy games.

A few favorite strategy games at PCHgames are Mahjongg Dimensions, Mahjongg Dark Dimensions, and Sudoku.

Sharpen your brain while you play these very popular, fun and challenging games! Plus, you’ll earn tokens that you can redeem for a chance to win prizes every time you play!

Mahjongg: A Royal Game That’s To Die For!

Mahjongg was invented hundreds of years ago, by Chinese royalty for royalty. It is even rumored that the penalty for non-royals who played the game was death. Luckily, now everyone can enjoy the great game of Mahjongg at PCHgames.

To play Mahjongg Dimensions and Mahjongg Dark Dimensions, you click and match any tile that has two adjacent sides free. (The top of a cube doesn’t count as a free side.) Now here’s where PCHgames makes Mahjongg Dimensions and Mahjongg Dark Dimensions interesting: If you get stuck, you can rotate your cube to reveal more of the pieces and make quicker matches. To rotate the puzzle, you can either use the arrow buttons or the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

Here’s another way PCHgames Mahjongg Dimensions helps make playing fun. If you can’t fully see a tile, just hover over it and see an image of the tile at the upper left of the game.

Enjoy Classic Sudoku At PCHgames!

Want to try a real fun challenge? Try Sudoku!

These engrossing puzzles will put your brain to work. The object is to fill the grid so numbers one through nine are across each row, down each column and within each 3×3 square without any duplicates.

You must use logic when playing Sudoku. Every Sudoku puzzle has only one solution. Sudoku is one game where you must have an understanding of certain techniques to solve a puzzle. Guessing where to place the number on the grid won’t get you very far.

I searched Sudoku techniques on PCHSearch&Win and found four effective strategies:

  • One Choice
  • One Place
  • Scanning
  • Double Scanning

When playing a Sudoku puzzle, each correct number you put on the board becomes a clue to help you determine the remaining numbers. So, each correct number gives you reason to celebrate!

Since Sudoku games are CHALLENGING, it’s nice that you can choose your own difficulty level at PCHgames. You get to choose from EASY, MEDIUM and HARD.

One last thing about Sudoku at PCHgames: Practice!

So check out the “STRATEGIC” side of PCHgames and play some Mahjongg, Mahjongg Dark Dimensions and Sudoku! Let us know which game you enjoyed the most — comment below so we can hear from you!

Wishing You Fun & Games,

Elliott M.

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