13 Ways to Improve Your Luck and Win Cash on Friday the 13th

Even on Friday the 13th, there are so many ways to improve your luck ­– and so many ways to win cash!

Even on Friday the 13th, there are so many ways to improve your luck ­– and so many ways to win cash!

Here at PCH we like to think positively, no matter what day it is. Even today on Friday the 13th, we don’t want any bad luck superstitions to get you down. We want all our PCH blog readers to stay positive and “think lucky” all day long! We understand it can be hard to think lucky with all the bad luck superstitions posted on the web today. That’s why this blog is all about how to improve your luck and ways to win cash on Friday the 13th! Some I found, courtesy of the Farmer’s Almanac, by searching on PCHSearch&Win, while others are tried and true PCH improve your luck originals – see if you can tell which is which!

Here we go:

  1. Search on PCHSearch&Win and enter – you might just become the big PCHSearch&Win Friday the 13th winner!
  2. Keep your fingers crossed
  3. Take a fun break at PCHGames and enter – you could score yourself some nice cash!
  4. Knock on wood
  5. Watch the Prize Patrol in action at PCHTV and enter – you could be watching your winning moment next!
  6. Walk in the rain
  7. Spin to win at PCH Slots and enter – you could soon be rolling in the dough!
  8. Avoid sidewalk cracks
  9. Scratch away at PCHLotto and enter – you could become an instant winner!
  10. Sleep facing south
  11. Save big at PCHCoupons and enter – you could win big too!
  12. Find a four-leaf clover

And finally lucky number 13 Enter at pch.com – and maybe you’ll become the $1,000,000.00 Every Year For Life winner on February 29th!

So you see my friends, there are so many ways to think lucky – and so many ways to win cash – even on Friday the 13th!  Did you notice a common theme?  Enter often! All entries have an equal chance of winning and you have to ENTER to win!  So forget about all those bad luck superstitions and follow these tips to improve your luck and ways to win cash! Who knows…you could wind up being a winner as soon as today… now wouldn’t that be lucky?

Amanda C.

PCH Creative


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  1. I have a question about the online games, specifically the scratch-off cards. For the past month (at least) there is ALWAYS at least one card that won’t load. The $2,500 King’s scratch off NEVER LOADS, even when all of the others do, thus a player is not allowed to play the “Token Bonus” card. Sometimes TWO cards won’t load, but there is ALWAYS one that won’t, so the game is moot. I found no way to contact webmaster, so came here to complain about the unfairness of the scratch-off tickets.

  2. Along with every little thing which seems to be budiilng inside this subject material, your perspectives are generally very exciting. Nonetheless, I appologize, because I do not subscribe to your entire theory, all be it refreshing none the less. It looks to everybody that your opinions are generally not entirely rationalized and in reality you are your self not really wholly certain of your argument. In any case I did take pleasure in examining it.

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    I thank you for MR.Dave Sayer pch-prize Pattol Executive Dirctor and Danielle Lam PCH-Prize Patrol and Deborah Holland Exccutive Vice President .let me playing Publisher’s Clearing House AWARD! have me a Playing.to me.
    I am Honor to you all PCH-Sweeps Family.this is real..GOD Bless you’re all..Sandy.

  4. I just got my PCH scratch off tickets and sfter playing, I won $5000 for the ticket. I followed the instructions exactly and sent my form/tickets filled in correctly ASAP. Is this a scam or did I actually win $5000? I have been told this is a huge scam, but for 20 years I have returned my PCH entries and if this turns out to be a scam and in order to get my winnings I am told I need to pay a fee to PCH, besides state taxes that should be takken from my winnings first then I will know it is a scam. I have my lawyer who will discern all fine print and validate the entry. PCH please advise if these scratch off tickets are legitimate and did I in fact win $5000? -WC

    1. Hi Wendy,

      The scratch card you returned gives you an entry that is eligible to win $5,000.00. After the drawing, you will be notified if you have won the drawing.

      Victoria At PCH