Lucky The PCH Big Check Is Back With Another “Mega” Question!

The November 30th PCH Mega Prize Event is just 9 days away! There’s not much time left! Comment below and let us know who YOU would be most excited to see — Lucky the PCH Big Check…or Danielle, Dave and Todd from the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol?

Good Luck!!!!!

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  1. First the prize patrol team. Danielle, Tood and Dave of course lucky the would be unbelievable

  2. All of the above I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t see all of my love because if my loves weren’t there I wouldn’t have lucky to share with all of his friends from PCH sweepstakes team and crew without you I wouldn’t have that dream of having the key to come and see me the Dove so me and lucky can be free and off into the wind of life god bless everyone.

  3. Yes Mr. Sloane, remember the old saying money is the root of all evil; No it’s not it is the root of all joy, and pleasure; I would feel honored if I am the chosen one. Keep up the good work.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity Publishers Clearinghouse has given contestants to be winners. Most people don’t believe that dreams can come true. I want to say that this entire contest has been fun and inspiring.