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What Are You Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks. To count our blessings. Of course, we’re all thankful for the BIG, IMPORTANT things:

  • Health
  • Family
  • The food we eat
  • The roof over our heads
  • Our job (if we’re lucky enough to have one)

But after suffering through Hurricane Sandy , there are so many little things for which I’m thankful. I’m thankful for that hot cup of coffee in the morning … hot food … and the friend and co-worker who lent me a Snuggie® during “Sandy,” which helped me stay warm enough to sleep since I had no heat.

So, now I’m wondering, what little things are my friends giving thanks for? The big things. And, yes, the small, trivial things.

Laurel said she’s thankful for her computer, so that she doesn’t have to write everything out by hand for Publishers Clearing House. And she’s grateful for her daughter’s smile!

Kathleen said she gives thanks for weekends, and especially thankful for the heat she has (even though she has not been able to return home because of flood damage from Sandy.)

Richard is grateful for the cool side of the pillow. And for being able to pass down what he learned from his father to his sons.

Matt is thankful for video game technology for making fantasy come as close to reality as possible. And for his family and friends who are always there when he needs them most.

Melinda is grateful for hot showers now that she’s gotten her power back. And that the gas crisis on Long Island is almost over.

Kim is thankful for warm, soft, fuzzy socks. And for the opportunity to bring her family over to her house and cook a big meal for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Elaina is grateful for her traffic lights that actually are working after the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. She is also appreciative to her wonderful family and caring community that helped her get through 11 days without heat and power.

We’re Thankful For YOU!

That’s right, folks! In addition to all these little things, everyone here at PCH is also grateful for one BIG THING…YOU, OUR FANS! We thank you for being part of the Publishers Clearing House family, and wish all of you a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving.

Tell Us What You’re Thankful For!

Small blessings. Big blessings. They all give us reason to give thanks for what we have. So, what are YOU giving thanks for? Fuzzy socks? The cool side of the pillow? Your health? Your family? Comment below and let us know. When you share your blessings, it may just help other people discover what they’re truly thankful for.



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