Would You Like To Be The Second PCH “Forever” Prize Winner?


December 7, 2013 Blog:

What does it feel like to become a Publishers Clearing House “Forever” Prize winner? Well, only one person in the world knows firsthand — John Wyllie of White City, Oregon.  John became our very first “Forever” Prize winner in August.

But now that the February 28th Prize Event has been announced … and we all know the “Forever” Prize is BACK…there could be a second PCH “Forever” Prize winner very soon. Don’t you want it to be YOU?

I bet you do! Face it, we all want to leave something for future generations and the “Forever” Prize could help you achieve that. If you win, you’d receive payments of $5,000.00 for the rest of your life and then after that, payments of $5,000.00 would continue on for the life of a beneficiary of your choice.

I recently caught up with John to find out what he’s been up to since the Prize Patrol surprised him on August 31st. He has a few big changes in the works.

 On John’s “to-do” list — buy a house to share with his father. He’s also looking forward to purchasing a new car. “I’m looking at a Mercedes,” he beamed.

In the meantime, John is focusing on paying off his bills and adjusting to life as a local celebrity. “Everybody knows about it.  Sometimes people will come up and congratulate me and tell me that they saw me on the news,” John admitted. One piece of advice John shares with his well wishers is to enter at PCH online. “You can do it every day,” he adds.

Another perk of being a PCH “Forever” Prize winner? Peace of mind. John named his son David as his beneficiary and said that he told him to split it with his sister. “It’s a big relief to know that my kids will be ok,” John admitted.

We at PCH wish John all the best, and we’re so excited to look ahead to new winners on the horizon … maybe even a  second “Forever” Prize winner on February 28th.

Take John’s advice and enter online every day in as many ways as you can! Maybe our next Forever Prize winner will be YOU!

Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. What would winning “Forever” mean for you and your family? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

201 thoughts on “Would You Like To Be The Second PCH “Forever” Prize Winner?”

  1. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    U bet i would, are u kidding me yes yes yes….

    1. Yes I most sertenly would 1st or 2nd as long as I could help my family and friends that’s all that matters that is how Jesus Christ would want for us to help each other.

    2. hey are you let me be winner this time i fail two time thrid chance i better win this timei play game every day dont miss kind worn out ha god bless thanks 3080

  2. Stephen Simmons says:

    Ooohh yes I am ready to be the next pch winner please give me a chance 3080.

    1. yes i want have chance to be winner i pray dont cancel on me give me chance please thanks 3080

  3. adalia arcena says:

    yes,,, I would love to be a forever winner. I sooooo need too!! I’ve been playing the pch sweepstakes for a very long time now. including all the countless stamps I used to send back the entries (snail mail). I can’t tell you how much it would change my life and those I want to help. its very disappointing when the time comes and you’re not the winner of anything. I would love to at least win something. I have never won anything before. I play the games over and over in great hope I can win something. is there a secret to them? I’ve collected close to 2 million tokens and still going. oh well. I guess its like the lottery,,,, you gotta play to win right? good luck to everyone and keep trying!!

    1. yes, yes i want be winner will help people who needand moslty family too please choose me to be winner love thanks 3080

  4. Laura M.Davis says:

    Yes in deed I want to be your next “Forever”Prize Winner!!!!

    1. love to be winner hope give chance to win prize evething need help 3080 love

  5. Lewis r Haggerty says:

    Im Ready to win

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