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What happened?  What’s broken?  You trapped the cat where?!? 



Those are the questions that raced through my mind last night when my daughter yelled, “Mommy, Come Quick!”.  But, thankfully, she wasn’t in trouble – just excited – because she recognized the TV host we saw in a commercial the night before for something she just knew I “really, really needed”!  I’m glad she told me – I was waiting all day to see that commercial again – but as I was about to let dinner burn and pick up the phone I remembered… I can order As Seen on TV Products online at PCH anytime!

It’s funny, I can trace back to the very moment my daughter first started getting interested in As Seen on TV Products … and it’s all my fault!  Ever since she heard me complaining about the amount of time it takes to do chores, my little one has made it her personal mission to scope out ways to make my life easier.  She tried telling her dad to do the housework, but when that didn’t work, she turned to the TV for answers – and boy, there are many to be had.   Sometimes, if I miss something, she’ll even sit me down in a chair and reenact everything the TV host said so we can find and order As Seen on TV Products online at PCH  without me even seeing the commercial.

I wish I could get her to pay as much attention to her schoolwork, but it turns out that my little in-house TV host is right!  The things she picks out for me are absolutely perfect.  They make housework less work and give me more time to play.  And knowing I can order As Seen on TV Products online from PCH makes shopping a whole lot easier  – especially when I see a commercial while cooking dinner – or at 3 am – and can’t order it right away.  Who knows, maybe someday my sweetheart will invent a “Maid in a Can” and be a TV Host on her own … a mom can dream, right?

But until then, it’s back to cleaning for me, and continuing to order As Seen on TV Products online – from PCH, of course.  Speaking of … have any of the As Seen on TV Products we sell at PCH helped make your chores less challenging?   Take a look (if you haven’t registered already, you’ll need to fill in your information before you can see all our exciting offers) and let me know below.  I really appreciate your advice!

Happy (ASTV) Shopping!

Laurel U.

PCH Creative

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  1. berylbeach@me.com says:

    If I were to win the forever prize I would look around after making sure my kids and granddaughters along with my parents have everything they need and maybe some things they want. Being on total and permanent disability myself after I made my house more handicap equipped, I would then look around and try to find people that are worse off than I and make their lives a little easier. I would also try to start some kind of children’s home for the kids that have to go through broken marriages arguments and not have parents that don’t want to spend a lot of time with him that is so important but I also know there are a lot of animals that need to have a refuge I have always wanted to have a place in the country to where I could be more of an animal activist and help the ones that need it. in the meantime every chance I get and I am looking forward to maybe one day an answer to a live long prayer have that knock on my door. A long time prayer would be answered and I would hope that I wouldn’t have a heart attack at the same time I would be so so excited and surprised.

  2. purchased your green expandable hose some months back, first time I used it and it blew up in my face, my eye glasses saved my sight. from serious injury. it should not be sold, so what will you do about it? please reply. thank you Jerry

    1. Charra says:

      Jerry, it is great to see you comment / evaluate as seen on tv products… I used to work for a company that handled a lot of these calls, and the vast majority of customers who purchased the expandable hoses, had the same complaints as yours. I purchased my daughter one, and she had the same negative experience…” It burst during the first use.. They are pieces of trash. Plz not: pocket hose is no better….

      1. Dear charra, this hose business is a serious matter, it almost got me in the eye’s, with (2) HOSES that blew, know they claim they made a better one? they could eat it” what are they going to do about it???? I cant even get my money back? Thank you, Jerry, One thing I learned DONT EVER BUY ANYTHING ON TV.

  3. I buy as seen on TV products on all the time I did not know that PCH sponsored my favorite items thank you for this blog. Thank You Laurel U for the info.And thank You PCH, from a #1 as seen on TV fan. David M.

  4. Carolyn Parker says:

    I have ordered LOT from PCH for 13 almost 14 years I been in PCH AND I Love what I received from PCH …

  5. Carolyn Parker says:

    I am not going to give up got my dreams and hope of winning PCH Millions Dollar I got my Dream …

  6. karen dwyer says:

    I have had trouble with several products ordered from pch for example the aero knife is the most useless tool I have ever used. look up comments from others and see that everyone thinks its a rip off. The products sold on pch are often of poor quality. I know you are direct marketing but don’t you have standards?

    1. please read down to the end , class action suit will be made against dangerous products. J.E.

  7. karen dwyer says:

    add your comment here

  8. Brenda Nelson says:

    Missouri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) : :)

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