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It’s St. Patrick’s Day, But Green’s Our Favorite Color ALL Year!

PCH friends, here’s a riddle to help you kick start your St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Q: What’s green, has over a dozen eyes and loves giving money away?

A: Your friends at Publishers Clearing House!  Yes, here at PCH we LOVE the green, so we’re getting festive for St. Patrick’s Day! Everyone loves green this time of year, but green’s our favorite color all year long!


At PCH, we’re serious about the green!


But we also love getting silly, too!

So let’s talk about the “green” the PCH Prize Patrol has given away recently. On February 28th, the Prize Patrol awarded $1 Million to Elise Gutierrez of LaPlace, Louisiana, and on March 1st, they awarded $10,000.00 to Eric S. of Houston, Texas

And did you know that there’s an instant winner within the PCH online network every 15 minutes? That’s right, every 15 minutes someone wins instantly on one of our sites like PCHSearch&Win, PCHlotto, PCHgames and more. Those instant prizes could be anything from electronics to gift cards to cold, hard cash! What fun!

Speaking of fun, here are five ways to have fun on St. Patrick’s Day:


1. Take silly pictures of your pet.


2. Find your favorite green objects around the house.


3. Have a green snack.


4. Give your pet a green snack.


5. Celebrate with a friend. I found our PCHSearch&Win mascot, Edwin the Owl, all ready for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Now you know why green’s our favorite color here at PCH! It’s so much fun!

Want to win some green? Make sure you’re using our PCH online network of sites. Remember, there’s an instant winner every 15 minutes.  Even more exciting, our next big SuperPrize Event is happening on April 30th! Make sure you’re entering as often as you can because YOU could win $1 Million Every Year For Life! Now THAT’S A LOT OF GREEN!


Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. More green is about to awarded very soon. The Prize Patrol’s about to hit the road to award a $10,000.00 St. Patrick’s Day cash prize! Stay tuned to find out more.

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