Publishers Clearing House Celebrates 60 Years Of Timeless Values!

Publishers Clearing House has been called “The House Where Dreams Come True”. And on March 22nd, PCH employees gathered to celebrate the building of the “House”!

Cupcakes! Balloons! Memories!

The celebration featured cupcakes, balloons and hundreds of memories.

Publishers Clearing House 60th Anniversary

I’ve been with the company for over 20 years, and one of MY best memories is when I wrote the copy for PCH’s first merchandise offer in 1985. Since then, we’ve become known for some of the best merchandise line-ups and deals on the web.

Debbie Holland Laurel U. and Amanda C. Celebrate

John Prince, a PCH Senior Vice President, has been with PCH for half its history. John said, “If I had to pick one of my 28 years with the company as standing out, it would have to be 1988. That was the year the PCH Prize Patrol rang their first doorbell and took our widely known sweepstakes to a whole new level. The Prize Patrol has been a key focus of our promotions ever since, reaching an icon status with the general public.”

PCH Celebrates 60 years

Manager Maryann Carter said, “In the 17 years that I’ve worked at PCH, there have always been new contest ideas to look forward to. In the past few years alone we awarded our first $5,000.00 A Week For Life prize, a Mega Prize ($1,000,000.00 cash plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life), as well as $5,000.00 A Week “Forever, which not only awards $5,000.00 A Week For Life to the winner, but also to a beneficiary of the winner’s choosing for his or her life.”

Publishers Clearing House employees

Senior Vice President, Todd Sloane said, While it’s amazing to me that PCH is celebrating 60 years, what’s even more incredible to me is that The Prize Patrol is turning 25 this year! I can remember the very first Prize Patrol winning moment — I was actually the “cameraman” with my personal camcorder. Happy anniversary PCH!”

It’s Time To Celebrate PCH’s “RICH” History!

  • PCH is known for its history of making people rich and awarding millionaire-making “Big Checks.” It all started in 1953 when Harold and LuEsther Mertz, along with their daughter, Joyce Mertz-Gilmore, founded Publishers Clearing House in their garage.
  • In 1967 PCH launched a sweepstakes to draw attention to its money-saving magazine deals. Not surprisingly, folks all across America loved the idea.
  • The Prize Patrol made its debut in 1988, and today Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam are thrilling folks all across the country with millionaire-making winning moments!
  • Publishers Clearing House launches in 1999, providing PCH fans new, exciting ways to win. A family of online “play and win” properties including,, and are developed in 2007-2008.

Happy Anniversary Publishers Clearing House

Join The Celebration!

COMMENT BELOW now if you want to wish PCH a very Happy 60th Anniversary! And let us know what’s been YOUR favorite thing about Publishers Clearing House through the years!

Elliot M.
PCH Creative

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  1. Yes I do remember partly , My late husband started it in 1971, ordering magazines.
    As time has passed and one is alone and not working, I enter when I can, ofcourse
    at 82 I am a little tardy sometimes. I do enjoy the games though. Congratulations
    on 60.

  2. To John Prince,
    I continue to recieve emails from you saying I am a valued customer. Just one more order is all it will take to put me in a special discount catagorey. Well every time I order it says the same thing? I would love for you to explain this?As I have ordered several items from PCH and am curious where the special savings begins???

    Maggie Whitney

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    Happy 60th Anniversary PCH! Thank you for the years of fabulous values, tremendous selection and wonderful hope filled dreams.

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