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Throwback Thursday: Before They Were The Prize Patrol…


It’s Throwback Thursday again! Today you’re in for a HUGE treat ― Dave, Todd and Danielle before they were the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol. This popular trio just might be the most coveted houseguests in America! But before they were jet-setting all over the country awarding Millionaire-Making SuperPrizes, they were regular (and adorable) kids.

Without further ado, here are our Throwback Thursday Prize Patrol Photos:


No, you’re not seeing double! You’re looking at our very own Dave Sayer and his twin brother, Pete. Can you guess which one is Dave? If you guessed the twin on the right … you’re right! Growing up in Garden City, Long Island, Dave never had to look far to find a friend. Dave started playing the piano at age four, and it’s still his favorite pastime. As a child, Dave aspired to one day become “very, very rich.” That’s ironic, since he’s spent decades personally handing out Millions to different people all over the country. But, Dave says his job makes him “feel rich” nonetheless!


He’s pictured here in a blue v-neck sweater, although you’re used to seeing Todd Sloane in his navy Prize Patrol blazer! Todd grew up in three places ― Queens, New York, Tampa, Florida and then Rockland Country, New York. These days, Todd can often be found traveling the country awarding Millions. As a child, he enjoyed all sports, especially basketball and baseball. But when it was time to come inside, he also loved checking out his favorite TV programs, including The Brady Bunch, Happy Days and Welcome Back Kotter. Now, as a member of the Prize Patrol Elite, Todd is often ON TV, making guest appearances on popular game shows and our iconic television commercials!


We’ve seen Danielle Lam do a mean Harlem Shake, but growing up in Howard Beach, Queens, Danielle had her sights set on becoming a prima ballerina. This future Prize Patrol beauty was always very involved in dance and the theater, which may explain why she’s a natural in our TV commercials and guest spots on game shows! An animal lover at a young age, one of Danielle’s favorite pastimes was playing with her childhood pet, Snowflake, a bichon frise. Here she’s pictured with her cousin, Lauren. (Danielle is on the right.)

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