PCH Cares About Your Scam Safety!


Scam Saftey

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  1. Trina Harris says:

    I just received a letter stating I am a second place winner in PCH 100 Million Dollar Super Cash Giveaway promotion. What a fricken scam! The person and number to contact is Roy Johnson (Claims Manager) and his tel is 587-717-4248. There isn’t a valid voicemail when you call! Also enclosed was a check to cover attorney fees for $6,000.000 dollars. What a fricken joke! With tragic, sicknesses and cancer deaths I had to go through this year, who has time for this BS. Like Seriously! Why waste people’s time and energy on this scam! The jerks responsible need to rot in jail!!!!

  2. cowgirl70 says:

    I have received the same letter above. I noticed the various dates of comments from other people who have received these letters with checks. Why has PCH not responded if they care so much about people being conned? Why don’t they do something to help stop it?

  3. Teresa Johnsoni says:

    I’m trying to be a winner against scam I think twice, call authorities, stay informed just
    try to be careful .

  4. mary francis says:

    i received a letter from the multi-state lottery association stating that i won 2,500,000.00 . There was also a check for a bank i IL . The postmark on the back is from Austin, TX . The routing number on the check is valid. Is this real ?

    1. I got the same letter exsactly with a check for 6970.00 for lawyer fees and insurance! I wish i new if its a scam.

  5. Madi Small says:

    I just received a letter that says I was the second place winner and enclosed was a check for $6,000+ to cover the attorney fees. For one, why would I need to have an attorney? Everything actually seems fairly legit, but it just doesn’t feel right. Any help guys?

  6. Julia says:

    I got mine today. I think it is those Jamaicans in Kingston. I got a call 3 times non stop last night and then got the letter today. I never answer as 800# or unknown caller.
    There is no PCH letter head or a return address. No return address.All are Florida, but sent from Austin, Texas. The Jamaicans operate out of Florida. They also prey on seniors.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Strange….my letter had a Quebec phone number the envelope was post marked TX and the check was written on a company in NC….I am sure it is a scam/fraud!

  8. Brian says:


    My father received the same exact letter to a “T”, unfortunately this is a scam. They will request that you deposit the check and once done they will have you call them back for further instructions. They will then ask you to send them $5,500 in cash overnight either via FedEx or UPS to have it guarantee by 8am and to wrap the money in newspaper and put it on a box (apparently employees steal money based on what they claim). They will tell you this money is to cover “their” lawyer fees and their lawyer will come out and talk to you about whats next. Of course once they receive the money, the number you were calling in Canada and the person you were speaking too will vanish and you will get a recording saying “this number is disconnected and no longer in service”. I recommend either tossing the letter out and never thinking about it again or you can provide this information to the proper authorities (local police and contact your state attorney general for more instructions from them), i hope this helps.


  9. Norma says:

    My Father in Law received a Check for 7,000 plus .. the Bank is CITI bank the account holder is Walt Disney Company in Lake Buena Vista , I checked to see if the routing number matched the bank and it dose enclosed was a letter with Multi-state Lottery Association and it states that he is a first place winner in a 100 Million dollar winner in a Multi-State Raffle Promotion sponsored by Power Ball ,MUSL , Mega Millions, Readers Digest, Publishers clearing House and All Our Brand Partners the total amount to be claimed is 2.5000.000.00 and that the check is to cover insurance and attorney fees , can somebody tell me if this a legitimate claim or a scam.. It also gives a number for a Johnson Lowery as a claim Manager and an Alberta Canada area code and the letter is Signed by J Bret Toyne as Deputy Executive Director
    Thank You for any help You can Give me …

    1. Steve says:

      My Father received the same letter that you have. We are trying to prove to him that it is a scam but he doesn’t believe us.

      1. Terry R says:

        I just received a letter with the same message as Steve’s father did (8-14-15) and i feel positive that it is a scam. I am going to check it out more (Like phone # etc) There is a Web site that can verify scam phone numbers, banks can as well

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