PCH Cares About Your Scam Safety!


Scam Saftey

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  1. Angela Barber says:

    Just received a call from 1-876-863-1538 from a man claiming I had won 3.5 million dollars and a new car for a draw I entered with PCH in the past 2 months. I have not entered a draw for your company that I recall. I was advised to wait to until 9am so that I could be accompanied by this man to my bank and then to western union..

    I asked for a company number or to be put on hold so that I could hear company hold music..
    I finally ended the call.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Angela – That was a scammer impersonating a PCH employee! The real PCH never sends friend requests, phone calls, text messages or private messages and we never notify winners in advance. Please report this to abuse@pch.com.

  2. Ethel Wilkins says:

    I recieved a call June 6 th around 1:30 pm I was out paying bills and after my finances had been spent I recieved a call from Jimaca saying my number had been random selected and the PCH patrol was in the area and I had been selected to win the prize of 480,000.00 dollars and the taxes of $150.00 needed to be paid to a money pak scratch off card they gave me a code to write down and said the patrol and a lawyer was coming to my house later that evening I never followed through but I was home and no one came

  3. Kim Karma says:

    Please Beware!
    Today my Mother received a notification letter stating that she too was indeed a Grand Prize Winner of $1.5 Million and she also received a cashiers check of $6,250.44 for shipping, processing and atty fee’s. She also got the security code the whole bit! This whole thing just really makes me MAD because she puts a lot of her time and money into the REAL PCH and then JERK SCAM ARTIST comes along and does this!

  4. Kim Medina says:

    My Mother received a letter today from someone claiming to be with PCH (Signed by Eric Burns).The letter stated that she was a 3rd place winner, the prize being $1.5 Million, Same exact story as before to the tee! Only this time the amount of the cashiers check she received is for $6,250.44 (for shipping,processing,atty fees)also the other difference on the check is the account (McMillian Sales Corporation).Just wanted to give everyone a heads up out there! Be Careful!

  5. Willie Johnson says:

    Letter come in mail saying publishers clearing house ,Reader Digest,Mega Million and Multi-State
    Lottery Association.. dddddddThird place is One Million Five Hundred Thousand dollars.

  6. DONNA CUFFARI says:

    add your comment here

  7. DONNA CUFFARI says:

    I just now saw the posts from yesterday for the exact same SCAM. I thank you for that telephone number to report it. But seriously???? I would love to find these people myself!!
    Thanks anyway everyone. No response needed anymore!

  8. DONNA CUFFARI says:

    I received a call the other day saying I had won Mega Million (3rd place winner “7 figures”) They spoke about needing money first and I immediately told them off and hung up. Today I received a letter from PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE 382 CHANNEL DR. PORT WASHINGTON, NY which states the Team of Mega Million pleased to announce me as 3rd place winner of the ten million prize draw sponsored by Pub Cl House, Readers Digest, Mega Million and Multi State Lottery Association and they are mandated to find winners not claimed. My total amt for 3rd place was substantial. There is a security code on this letter and the name of a representitive Kenneth Hunt 1-587-710-XXXX to call. What also is included is an authentic check payable to me drawn from a Client Trust Account at City National Bank. This check was for a few thousand dollars, is a ligit check per my bank (which I did not cash) and they explained in their letter that they included it to help me pay Insurance, Handling,Shipping and Attorney Fees. Part of my letter is a sample PCH check drawn from JP Morgan Chase Bank in NY in the amount they state that I won. Does anyone have any information about this? I’m sure this is a scam but don’t want to just put that out there unless someone else has experienced anything similar.
    Any help is appreciated much!! Donna

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