PCH Cares About Your Scam Safety!


Scam Saftey

55 thoughts on “PCH Cares About Your Scam Safety!”

  1. Willie Cooks JR says:


    I received a letter claiming I won 2nd place for 2,500,000.00 in PCH Lottery. The team would at my House at 12:00p.m. I never seen they. today on Dec. 15., 2014. What is up with this.

  2. Jessica Lynn says:

    Attn Lucky Winner…….
    Mark as unread

    Eric D. Burns
    Wed 11/26/2014 11:05 AM
    Junk E-Mail
    You replied on 11/28/2014 9:46 AM.
    382 Channel Drive, Port Washington,
    NY 11050, United States
    Publishers Clearing House

  3. Edith Roberta says:

    I received a letter claiming I was a third place winner for$1,500,000. A check was enclosed for $5,965.88 to cover costs of insurance, handling, shipping and attorney fees! It looks so authentic, but you know it’s a scam.

  4. Diana says:

    I knew this is was a scam, it has to be why to stop this. I also received a letter that I won 2nd prize and a heck to cover attorney and insurance fees.

  5. Robin Doss says:

    Trying to Claim my winning Number, praying, I’m doing it right!

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