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PCH Sweepstakes Winner Natalie Makes Special Guest Appearance!

Read on to find out where REAL PCH Sweepstakes winner Natalie B. went for a very special guest appearance!

Hello there PCH Fans!

If you follow me on Twitter (@NatalieatPCH) and on Facebook (Natalie Bostleman), you might have noticed that I went on a very quick trip a while back.  I didn’t say much, because I wanted to wait until the date was closer!

Where did I go? What did I do? Well, I went to sunny California! Boy was that nice. It was freezing in my home state of Ohio at the time. Although I do have family there, the purpose of my trip was Publishers Clearing House based.

“You gave away a check!” You say. No… I wish! You know I love to do that. Let me give you a hint. I got to see the HOLLYWOOD sign as I landed.

Yep, I went to the greater LA area! And what’s in Los Angeles you ask? Lots of stuff, like great restaurants. Here I am with my cousins Chris and Cloris at a local pub called, “Father’s Office”.

Real PCH Sweepstakes Winner Natalie and Family

Trust me, when that was suggested, I thought, “Um, Uncle Bob’s office is in Toledo…” Hah! So I plugged it into PCHSearchandWin and finally understood what it was!

But like I said, not the main purpose of my trip. Here’s a clue. I had to get made up, and when I did, the hairstylist had to use a little “Hairspray” on me. I’m glad I wasn’t a “Cry-Baby”, because it was such a good experience!

PCH Sweepstakes Winner Getting Makeup Done

Real Sweepstakes Winner Natalie Getting Hair Done

Figured it out yet?

I got to go-go on the Ricki Lake Show!

Natalie B on Ricki Lake

That’s right! I went on the Ricki Lake Show to talk about my wonderful experience winning the PCH Sweepstakes and how it changed my life! I will appear on a show that involves the positive aspects of coming into a windfall, and the sometimes negative aspects of having a large amount of money. I think you can figure out by now that I was talking about the POSITIVE! You blog readers know that even 5 years after my PCH Sweepstakes win I was able to buy my own dream car! And my winnings also helped me build my dream home! The show was fascinating, and it really showed me that I am short. SO SHORT! (Haha, you’ll have to watch the show to understand what I’m talking about!)

Like I said in my hint, professional make-up and hair artists gussied me up. I even got my own Green Room! I KNOW! Crazy! And yes, I got to meet Ricki who is as sweet as pie, and I conversed with some of the other guests, like Susan Bradely of the Sudden Money Institute and Emil Harker of Denovo Management. I loved getting their take on money management.

I know you guys will love the show as much as I do so be sure to check it out! It airs TOMORROW, May 16th. Check your local listings for show times. And in case you miss it, you can check out full episodes and clips at!


Natalie Bostelman
2008 SuperPrize Winner
PCH Goodwill Ambassador

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