Win A Wedding Of Your Dreams From PCH!

Win a Dream Wedding

Hey Readers!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been planning and thinking about your dream wedding since you were little. Everything from the perfect venue, to what flowers to carry down the aisle has been thought of, but the only thing missing is how to get the funds to pay for all of it!

But I bet you never thought you could WIN a wedding. Well lovebirds, PCH has come to the rescue with a $50,000 Wedding Giveaway. One lucky winner will have the opportunity of winning $50,000 to put towards their very special day. With finances now taken care of, you can go back to worrying about the one thing that truly matters about a wedding: the person you get to spend the rest of your life with!

Wedding Cake

If I had $50,000 dollars to spend towards my wedding, the first thing I would spend it on would be the most beautiful dress I could find. Every bride knows that even though you only wear it once, finding the right dress is a bride’s most important duty for her big day. I personally fell in love with a beyond gorgeous dress by Vera Wang. Even though I’m not engaged right now, if that ever changes I already know what my first stop is! How cool would it be to win a wedding from PCH?

Dream Wedding

I decided to ask around the office to find out what the first thing my co-workers would spend $50,000 on if they won this amazing wedding giveaway. Amanda C. said she’d spend her $50,000 on a gorgeous castle-like venue where she could really feel like a princess! Alyssa C. said that she would spend her winnings on an elaborate honeymoon for her and her new hubby!

PCH Love Birds

Wow, all this wedding talk makes me want to have a talk with my boyfriend about popping the question! If you are already thinking up all the ways YOU would use $50,000 for your wedding, then actually DO something about it and enter our Wedding Giveaway today! You can have the beautiful wedding and special honeymoon you’ve always wanted. So remember to enter today and YOU could win a wedding from PCH!

Wedding Ring

Good luck Everyone!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us how you would spend $50,000 on your big day!

771 thoughts on “Win A Wedding Of Your Dreams From PCH!”

  1. Kaci Sanders says:

    If I win I would give this money to a friend of mine who is having a wedding in October of 2017. She doesn’t have much money to spend but everyone has a dream wedding they have been planning since they have been little! Her parents don’t want to help with much of the wedding but they helped with her brothers wedding. I just want her to have the dream wedding and to feel special for one day!

  2. Jana says:

    My fiance and I just got engaged two weeks ago. I knew the moment that I met him that we would be together forever. I had been in countless unhealthy relationships, but he was the first person to love me for me and treat me with respect. Unfortunately, I suffer from pretty bad anxiety and so I have put him through some rough times. Through it all, he has continued to be there for me and has tried to help me overcome it. He is so selfless and would do anything for me. We both have helping careers (He is a teacher and I’m a school social worker), which is wonderful, but we also deal with high stress situations at work quite frequently. Also, due to our careers, we only make enough to pay for monthly bills. We rarely have money leftover to treat ourselves. We planned on getting engaged/married a long time ago, but we never had the money to make it happen. We currently still don’t have the money, but he couldn’t stand the thought of me not being his wife so he took out a loan to pay for the ring.

    I would love to win this prize so that I can treat my fiance to a wonderful wedding and amazing honeymoon. I love him with all of my heart and I really want to be able to show him just how much I love him. He works 60-70 hours a week and still manages to come home and treat me so wonderfully. I would obviously enjoy the prize as well, but I would love to treat my fiance to something special. He deserves the world.

  3. Kathy Haddix says:

    I would love for my son Josh Clifton and his fiance, Andrea Kay to win the $50,000 toward their wedding and honeymoon. Both of them have survived an emotional childhood. They truly deserve the best wedding ever. Josh has two younger brothers. One is hearing impaired and the other is emotionally impaired. I divorced their dad when my youngest son was two. Their dad wasn’t in their lives too much growing up. He chose drugs and alcohol instead his family. That meant I was left struggling through college and finished getting my master’s in school counseling. I met the man they called their step dad when Josh was 16. Rob was a wonderful man and loved my boys dearly. We were a really truly blessed family. Then April 27th 2011 came destroying our home from devadting tornado that came through our beautiful Shoal Creek Valley in Ashville, AL. Then 9 months later their step dad was in a fatal car accident. We lost everything when he passed away. We lost another home and our livelihood. It was an emotional time in all of my boys lives. Josh struggled with himself. He is very bright but college was difficult because trauma during that time. Then in December 2012 , 8 months after Rob’s passing he met Andrea Kay, she is beautiful, kind spirited. She too had family struggles. Her mother was a single mom and she grew up in small town with a lot of financial struggles. Andrea is humble and thankful. They are both beautiful souls that grew up fast because they had to. My son Josh graduated with Civil Engineering Technology degree. He gas now moved into project manager position. He is one youngest in this role. His fiance, Andrea just graduated from college and working in lab in hospital. Three weeks ago after a four years of dating Josh asked Andrea to marry him. I want these two to have wedding and honeymoon of a lifetime. Life has been difficult for them. I want them to have a new beginning to a happy everlasting of marriage and love. I already know they have strength and hope because of years of struggles, losing everything their love has remained strong and unbroken. They haven’t set date but will be most likely spring 2017.

  4. Desiree Jackson says:

    My fiance asked me to marry him June 27th, 2016 when I came to visit him in India for his birthday and it was the happiest day of my life. We have spent so much money with me flying back and forth to see him that we cant afford a big wedding. If We won the $50,000 I would book my wedding at the four seasons. I would make sure roses and lillies adorned the service and every moment was captured by a world class photographer. If we won this contest, we would be free to fly his mother and brother in from Nigeria so they could be part of the festivities.

  5. If I won $50,000 I would have my dream Cinderella wedding. And spend the rest on honeymoon. We’ve been engaged for two years and have two kids (4 years old and 1 year old). I have been dreaming about my wedding since I was three years old. I have everything picked out from the venue decoration to the shoes Ill be wearing.

  6. Talaya Jones says:

    If my Sweetheart and I won $50K for our wedding, it would be such a blessing. My Love currently serves in the military. During his first deployment, his first wife walked out on him, taking all 4 kids with her. His return home was devastating. Fast forward to now, he and I are deeply in love and planning for our future. He is about to be deployed again. This time, I not only want his return home to be pleasant, but I want it to be filled with love, commitment, and the wedding of a lifetime. I would like to throw him a wedding parade as a special gift. This parade would be a thank you for his honorable service to our country and give him the opportunity to play drums in the marching band. He used to be in a marching band in high school. It would be a dream come true if he could play in a marching band at least one more time.

  7. Roxanne says:

    My Fiancée and I were to be married on May 13 of 2016 had everything almost paid for when I fell ill and had to go for surgery finally on the bend and recovering. We are trying to get back on track and entering this contest would allow us to have the wedding we both deserve and decorate and get everything needed for our big day

  8. Danielle says:

    My fiance and I got engaged in February 2014, shortly after my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer and I found out I was pregnant. We thought we were able to have wedding but now our finances won’t allow us to have a wedding we’ve always wanted. Winning this would be such a blessing to our family. I would love to finally marry my fiance and enjoy our lives as husband and wife 🙂

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