Win A Wedding Of Your Dreams From PCH!

Win a Dream Wedding

Hey Readers!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been planning and thinking about your dream wedding since you were little. Everything from the perfect venue, to what flowers to carry down the aisle has been thought of, but the only thing missing is how to get the funds to pay for all of it!

But I bet you never thought you could WIN a wedding. Well lovebirds, PCH has come to the rescue with a $50,000 Wedding Giveaway. One lucky winner will have the opportunity of winning $50,000 to put towards their very special day. With finances now taken care of, you can go back to worrying about the one thing that truly matters about a wedding: the person you get to spend the rest of your life with!

Wedding Cake

If I had $50,000 dollars to spend towards my wedding, the first thing I would spend it on would be the most beautiful dress I could find. Every bride knows that even though you only wear it once, finding the right dress is a bride’s most important duty for her big day. I personally fell in love with a beyond gorgeous dress by Vera Wang. Even though I’m not engaged right now, if that ever changes I already know what my first stop is! How cool would it be to win a wedding from PCH?

Dream Wedding

I decided to ask around the office to find out what the first thing my co-workers would spend $50,000 on if they won this amazing wedding giveaway. Amanda C. said she’d spend her $50,000 on a gorgeous castle-like venue where she could really feel like a princess! Alyssa C. said that she would spend her winnings on an elaborate honeymoon for her and her new hubby!

PCH Love Birds

Wow, all this wedding talk makes me want to have a talk with my boyfriend about popping the question! If you are already thinking up all the ways YOU would use $50,000 for your wedding, then actually DO something about it and enter our Wedding Giveaway today! You can have the beautiful wedding and special honeymoon you’ve always wanted. So remember to enter today and YOU could win a wedding from PCH!

Wedding Ring

Good luck Everyone!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us how you would spend $50,000 on your big day!

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  1. says:

    Win a Wedding of my Dreams

  2. carla m Antee says:

    Make My Wedding Dreams Come True

  3. Mia Feuer says:

    Me and my fiance have been engaged for two years now and i couldn’t have found a more perfect soul mate. I am excited to come home and see him everyday. And its even better to wake up to him in the morning. My fiance is a full time student and is in the national guard as a specialist medic. He also is working two part-time jobs. I couldn’t be more proud of how hard he works ever day. I work full time. Me my fiance and my fiances dad were planning our wedding for this August. We had all found a wedding that we loved and was affordable. Than my fiance’s father passed away the day we were suppose to put a deposit on our venue. November 25, 2014, the day before my fiances birthday. Sages father was such an amazing father and it still hurts to think he wont be in our futures. There is so much i could of learnt from him. But i am so glad i got to have some great memories with him. Me and my fiance unfortunately cant afford the wedding we were planning on having. Which i completely understand. But if we were to win this sweepstakes we wouldn’t take it for granted one bit. It would mean the world to us. My fiance deserves this. A wedding to me and my fiance is a time where to families become one. Its a time for bonding and family and friends. If we won we would choose our dream venue that we visited with his father. We would be able to afford flowers, catering and a DJ. We would make decorations and maybe get a month of coordinator. Our style for our wedding is a rustic garden party kind of a look. It would be amazing if this could come true. Thank you for the opportunity.

  4. Judy says:

    I cannot find sweepstakes

  5. Carla Antee says:

    Dreams a Wedding Dance in my head like a Tyler Perry Movie

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