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Win a Dream Wedding

Hey Readers!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been planning and thinking about your dream wedding since you were little. Everything from the perfect venue, to what flowers to carry down the aisle has been thought of, but the only thing missing is how to get the funds to pay for all of it!

But I bet you never thought you could WIN a wedding. Well lovebirds, PCH has come to the rescue with a $50,000 Wedding Giveaway. One lucky winner will have the opportunity of winning $50,000 to put towards their very special day. With finances now taken care of, you can go back to worrying about the one thing that truly matters about a wedding: the person you get to spend the rest of your life with!

Wedding Cake

If I had $50,000 dollars to spend towards my wedding, the first thing I would spend it on would be the most beautiful dress I could find. Every bride knows that even though you only wear it once, finding the right dress is a bride’s most important duty for her big day. I personally fell in love with a beyond gorgeous dress by Vera Wang. Even though I’m not engaged right now, if that ever changes I already know what my first stop is! How cool would it be to win a wedding from PCH?

Dream Wedding

I decided to ask around the office to find out what the first thing my co-workers would spend $50,000 on if they won this amazing wedding giveaway. Amanda C. said she’d spend her $50,000 on a gorgeous castle-like venue where she could really feel like a princess! Alyssa C. said that she would spend her winnings on an elaborate honeymoon for her and her new hubby!

PCH Love Birds

Wow, all this wedding talk makes me want to have a talk with my boyfriend about popping the question! If you are already thinking up all the ways YOU would use $50,000 for your wedding, then actually DO something about it and enter our Wedding Giveaway today! You can have the beautiful wedding and special honeymoon you’ve always wanted. So remember to enter today and YOU could win a wedding from PCH!

Wedding Ring

Good luck Everyone!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us how you would spend $50,000 on your big day!

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  1. It would pay for everything and just take the stress of it all off our shoulders. It would make planning easier, faster and let us put all our focus back onto our 2 year old. It would pay for her dress, venue,honeymoon, it would pay for everything, it’s defiantly more then we would need and would stil use it wisely but it would give her the wedding of her dreams that’s for sure.

  2. I’ve met the man of my dreams so I would spend this on making our day a true blessing. We have both been married before but we want a special venue to invite 50 of our closest friends and family. We would fly my son and his family home from Italy so they could be a part of our special day. The wedding would be simple but elegant and we would spend our money on our honeymoon and making sure that every aspect was caught on memorable pictures and videos.

  3. If I won 50,000 I’ll give my wife a proper wedding,we been together 12 years,so yes she’s my wife.i need to make it official,I need to marry my best friend,about 2 years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes scary but controllable.dream wedding would be perfect for us,thank you very much.

  4. If I won 50,000 dollars for my dream wedding I would use it just for that. I have already planned the wedding and honeymoon. Me and my fiancé have been engaged for 4 years and we have a 3 year old daughter. My father passed away almost 2 years ago so we have no one to pay for the wedding. All I really want is to marry my best friend and have the last name as my daughter. That’s what I would do if I won 50,000 dollars for my dream wedding.

  5. Where do I begin?!
    Neither of my parents are able to help
    With the planning of our wedding due to a set back from a car accident that lead my father permanently in a wheel chair with a brain injury.
    My finance and I would love a wedding that we can celebrate with both our families and friends.
    We do not need anything fancy but to be able to afford a wedding with giving myself entirely way too much stress.

    Thank you
    Bernadette Beaty

  6. I been with my Fiancé since I was 15. We would love to have a fun exciting wedding with 150 of our friends and family . If we had won the prize we would through the greatest night club theme wedding ever!!! Disco lights, DJ’s , party games drinks and more . The wedding would also be very emotionally as well because us being together for so long we grew up with either other and everyone in our lives know us for being together. We came a long way and we want everyone we invite to have an amazing time.

  7. I would have a small but very beautiful outside wedding.and beautiful reception .I would also buy the guest something nice.and my kids would get whatever they wanted

  8. I I would like to have a very small but elegant wedding with only closest family and friends. Having a wedding to renew our valve is very important to me and my husband. We got married three years ago after my dad passed away and I just felt like we had to get married I was very depressed and thought of those losing my family. But now we would actually want a wedding that our families could be there because when we first got married there was no one there my family lives and Poland and we just wanted to a wedding a small wedding for my mom before she passes away she is getting older not in the greatest health. We are on a very tight budget so it’s difficult for us to save money for our special day. I would like a Cinderella dress light pink bridesmaids dresses the men in tuxedos and roses for the bouquet very simple but traditional elegant wedding.

  9. I would have a simple wedding in my area with our close family and friends. Having a beautiful dress would be important to me but I just want to marry my best friend. We bought a house and have a 1 1/2 year old daughter so we can’t really afford to have a wedding. I would just go to court but my fiancé wants me to have the wedding experience with a dress and everything. The both of us had a rough past but turned it all around, now we are living life beyond our wildest dreams. I have hope that we will be married some day soon.