How Much Do YOU Want To Win

How Much Do YOU Want To Win

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  1. I WANT TO WIN! … or … I’D LOVE TO WIN!

  2. Gregory Matthews says:

    I’m Gregory Matthews and I want to win

  3. Sandra Mckinney says:

    Sandra McKinney Oct 2nd I Wound love to win what ever you are offering I am broke with overbearing bills w e rent we drive late models cars if they break down they would sit because after all bills are paid the rest goes to dog stuff and a little food for us. If we won that would be a god sent ,because I have never won any thing in my lie. Thank You #6900.


  5. Jeannette says:

    I’d like to win the $ 5-7K/wk as I would like to help my family members out of any financial problems they may be having — a wellas my local church- who is now currently operating in the red….

  6. As much as PCH can afford i’m not greedy but I would like to collect i

  7. Robert L Howell jr says:

    I would love to buy me
    My family a house to live in an have space for my mother to live with us.I could quite my go know where job.

  8. Elizabeth Hordge says:

    I would like to win all the money I got things to do places to go people to see I want to take my grandkids on a trip my son’s name on the trip I have 3 boys I have part about 5 grand kids I need to take care of Lord please bless me as you know I need that in your name Jesus amen

  9. joanna says:

    I do not have any money no food in the refrig and living on disability. My prayers would me answered.

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