How Much Do YOU Want To Win

How Much Do YOU Want To Win

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  1. Yvette says:

    What would i do if i won??? I could sit here and come up with a fabulous tale of how i would use the money for charitable situations but I prefer to be honest :) … I have enough people in my life that could use the charity of me having this money… Including myself… If I won not only would it change my life but i would use the money to change MY entire family’s lives… No more hunger, no more worrying about the possibilities of homelessness…. All the children would never again worry about being bullied because their parents can’t afford new shoes or winter coats, let alone new school clothes… In my book charity begins at home… if I were to win my whole family would win bottom line…. Waiting patiently to win… I pray every day…

  2. Pch I don’t know what I wld say to win my life has Fallon apart and no family or anyone to tell me it’s gonna be okay again but I do know I wld help as many ppl in need that’s a promise I’d have enough money to make a better life and better as many other life’s I can

  3. Christa L. says:

    Hi hope so much for win I need money and will pay off to credit card I like to be comfort with money can going to my planning thank you !!!

  4. I would like to have my remaining days financial fee of debit.

  5. Louis Levario says:

    I would love to win.

  6. MsBattle says:

    Lord I am In need of a blessing for me and my children &grandchildren ty u father in heaven

  7. BRENDA E BOOKER says:

    First I would THANK you PCH with all my Heart, not just from the bottom of my heart
    But with my Whole Heart, the PCH ORGANIZATION AND THEIR SPONCERS for giving this opportunity to me, to have more than enough to give back to 1st my family, my Son, 2nd my Friends, and 3rd but Not the Least. And that is Strangers that are
    Striving To do what is right, and survive in this world, I would start a Foundation in order to give to others, to Truely Help them get back on their Feet, Or I would Give to that organization that Truely HELPS ORHERS, and this is because of what I have gone through, and Bless to come from a good family background and family that could not be their for me, then it was friends, and Strangers, I would GIVE TO OTHERS!!! It is all about OTHERS

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