How Much Do YOU Want To Win

How Much Do YOU Want To Win

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  1. Robert garcia says:

    As much as the East is from the west & North is to the south ,if there were an endless mathematics equation to explain how much I want it cause word can’t describe it …. LOL… :) how much I want it …. Thanks PCH , come on prize patrol…..

  2. MV says:

    recently lost my job and I would love to win to keep my daughter in her current

  3. clifford Baxley says:

    As much as I can

  4. Robert garcia says:

    It’s not so much I want to win I need to win , to be able to bounce back to studying with out worrying how your going to make your next dollar or having to depend on others, having financial freedom , and with that comes great responsibility but I’m ready once you hit the bottom there no where to go but so let’s do it PCH prize patrol I’m waiting on you …..

  5. pch I really do want to win April 30th. I really want to meet the Pch team.I hope my dream’s come true, that one day you will be at my door. I will be the happiest person in Shamokin P.A.

  6. Life,no doubt, would definitely change for me and my family. It would be a chance in a lifetime.

  7. myrlene says:

    I love to win to pay for my son college and I want to buy a house for my family


    I woul love to win so I could help my daughters who are in great need of help.

  9. I will love to win so I can get a house me and my 3 little one’s

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