Advice from PCH’s Prize Patrol Ambassador Abroad

I was recently out of the country enjoying the attractions and customs of a foreign land.  I had the occasion to be with a large group of American tourists and, while not homesick, I couldn’t resist giving them some valuable advice for when they return to the USA: “Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, and maybe we will meet again.”

I revealed my business identity by tearing open my shirt so they could see the PCH Prize Patrol   logo underneath.  (No, it wasn’t painted on my chest.)  Some exclaimed “I thought you looked familiar,” realizing they had seen me in Publishers Clearing House TV commercials.

Suddenly there was lots of excitement.  “You mean you guys are real?”  “OMG, I enter it all the time!”  “When are you coming to my house?”

And then there were some of those negative thinkers who chimed in, “They don’t really give away all those prizes” or “I gave up years ago” or “You have to buy something, right?”

I can handle the skeptics all right — I’ve been doing that for over thirty years.  “Yes, we absolutely award those Big Checks like you see on TV.”  And “Most of our winners entered many times before they won, so don’t stop now!”  And “Entering and winning our sweepstakes does not require a purchase, it’s absolutely free.”   (We are merchants and obviously want consumers to look at the products and magazines we offer.  But, like Main Street merchants who welcome window shoppers and browsers in their stores, we would never kick you out if you don’t buy.)

By the way, if anyone contacts you asking you to pre-pay taxes or a fee because “You have won a prize from Publishers Clearing House,” don’t fall for it.  That’s an illegal scam!

Well, I know that bunch of tourists I saw overseas will be quick to enter our sweepstakes at as soon as they get home.  And with some luck I may see them again when I lead the Prize Patrol to their door and announce “You’ve just won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

“Auf wiederseh’n” (till we meet again) and good luck!

Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

30 thoughts on “Advice from PCH’s Prize Patrol Ambassador Abroad”

  1. Still waiting for them to come to me here in Germany. US resident play all the time and purchase stuff too, keep getting as far as verifying my address but still no luck. but still hopeful and waiting.
    Armed Forces Europe…

  2. Sarah Alvarez says:

    Wish I would see you! That would be a blessing for my daughter and I!

  3. Beeboo says:

    01 Jun 14, 2012 12:06 I can see why Amy would love your work Jeanette-2 very talented liades. I adore what she does and her home is absolutely stunning. Another very inspiring designer. Mollie Makes is a regular buy for me now!I’m off to look up all your questions and answers on BYW-thank you for wonderful lessons. You’ll be missed xx

  4. wanda gilmore says:

    Hi Dave,
    I started playing a year+ago . Purchased numerous products( even though not required) recovering from Yet another surgery .(accident at work2007.unable to work .only 61 now.But….have great FAITH that I will get better to enjoy something in life ) QUESTION, WHY NOT INCORPORATE A GIVE BACK PAGE . Yes it would be slightly higher price point But…. Help various organizations , SOME MADE IN AMERICA PAGE, PETS

  5. Hi PCH Staff,

    Did I already won that $10.00 Amazon Gift Certificate at last saturday at the 12am hour, when do I get that $10.00 Amazon Gift Certificate from the Prize Patrol, & how did I win that $10.00 Amazon Gift Certificate at last saturday at the 12am hour???????

    Stancio Butler
    PCH Customer

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Stancio, congrats on your win! You should have received an email from us with your $10 Amazon Gift Code. If you have not received this email, please send us a message using our Ask Us page: so we may provide you with further assistance.

      – Jussie W. at PCH

      1. Well, actually, my own account at the PCH Customer Service Help website is recently has been disabled when I recently terminate my own account at the Yahoo! Mail website last year so now, are you going to provide me with further assistance about those two white female PCH representatives going to surprise me & award me with just my $10.00 Amazon Gift Certificate in person at the PCH Blog right now since I’m no longer going to receive an email from you with my $10.00 Amazon Gift Certificate???????

        Stancio Butler
        PCH Customer

      2. But, are Dave Sayer & his Prize Patrol crew going to surprise me & award me with just my $10.00 Amazon Gift Certificate in person coming up next which is tomorrow right after they are going to surprise & award a $10,000.00 Prize Patrol winner in Texas which is this morning???????

        Stancio Butler
        PCH Customer

      3. Hi PCH Staff,

        Did the Prize Patrol surprising a $10,000.00 winner in Texas yet just before they are going to surprise me & award me with just my $10.00 Amazon Gift Certificate in person coming up next tomorrow???????

        Stancio Butler
        PCH Customer

      4. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

        Hi Stancio, please send us a message using our Ask Us page: so we may help you claim your prize.

        – Jussie W. at PCH

      5. Actually, my parents told me six years ago that I’m no longer going to order anything I want from from

        Please change my prize from a $10.00 Amazon Gift Code to $100,000.00 from Giveaway No. 2764 right now!!!

        Stancio Butler
        PCH Customer

      6. & so is as a SuperPrize winner of $37,000,000.00 from Giveaway No. 3080 on August 29th later on!!!!

        Stancio Butler
        PCH Customer

  6. Jamie Sharb says:

    I guess no matter where you live you have heard of Publishers Clearing House. I remember my mom used to get mail from PCH and I always wondered who they were. The older I got I heard more and more about them. Then as I became an adult I had thought about it when I would hear Publishers Clearing House name but never did because I always thought that could never be me. Then I watched some of the winning videos on television with my husband and kids and I knew then I had to try. I bet those tourist went home and told the story about when they met Dave Sayer from Publishers Clearing House. I bet that happens to you often when people realize who you are. I wish my mom was still alive she would still be entering to this day. Like the tourist she was a big fan. I’m not sure if she ever seen one of PCH tv commercials but she knew Publishers Clearing House was real. How much realer could it be to have Dave Sayer right in front of you talking to you about PCH. How exciting that must have been for all them American tourist.
    If i was to ever win a big check from PCH I think it would be awesome to take my kids, husband, and myself to a foreign land. That experience would be great no matter if you were with friends, family, or strangers. How often do you get to go somewhere you never thought would ever happen in your life time. Now I enter PCH everyday I see Publishers Clearing House tv commercials all the time. I think it is a shame people have made it their mission to scam innocent people acting like they are Publishers clearing House. They will one day get caught as they should because it is a illegal scam and hurts many who fall for their scams. I know it is not a must to be PCH products and magazines to win. I had placed an order but had to cancel due to I never received them. I was waiting and waiting for them checking the mail everyday but when a month went by I decided I would call PCH customer service. They were very helpful and kind. We couldn’t figure out what happened but they were able to cancel order with no problem and said I could place another order at anytime. Everywhere I look I find nothing but kind, helpful people at Publishers Clearing House. I tell my family and friends all about my experience with PCH and tell them what do they have to lose it is completely free to enter. And they do not have to buy anything to enter or win Publishers Clearing House. I have them talking to me about it every time we see each other now so I think I am in their heads. Wouldn’t it be crazy if I got a phone call with them on the other end telling me they won PCH. I want to win Publishers Clearing House so I will never give up! I hope Prize Patrol comes knocking at my door with Dave leading the way announcing I just won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. Oh my I am excited just thinking about looking out my door and there stands who I have been waiting for Prize Patrol! I hope you have a wonderful day and I want to wish everyone lots of luck.

  7. DeLayne Perry says:

    Germany! :) I still get asked if I think it is real because in spite of what others may think or say, I tell them I am in it to win it and I have been in it a long time. Yet others can win with just one entry.. BAM! That number can hit. So I encourage people to win. Usually (especially from the older folks) I get a sheepish look… as though they are already doing it but it is a SECRET!

  8. maria estrella baccay platecki says:

    my wish only here is to win this is a good blessing to my the winner who is she or he your such lucky and bless for our almighty god.thank you lord for the blessing that you gave me everyday.god bless you all

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