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Announcing The Newest PCH Prize Pursuit Instant Winners!

Prize Pursuit

Happy Friday PCH fans! While I know all of you are excited for the weekend, I have something even more exciting to share with you — new winners! That’s right! PCH is proud to announce the newest instant winners from our recently launched game on the PCH Fan Page, PCH Prize Pursuit! We have had so many winners since our July 1st launch, we can hardly believe it! So far, there have been over 390 winners! WOW!

Here’s just a few of the lucky winners:

Heath A. from ME won $1,000 CASH!Elfrederic R. from MI won $100 CASH!
Terry T. from PA won $100 CASH!
Marriah P. from CO won $100 CASH!
Wanda W. from DC won $50 CASH!
Nena J. from IL won $50 CASH!
Michael E. from CA won $50 CASH!
Vernesia M. from MN won a $10 Amazon Gift Card!
Donal W. from OH won a $10 Amazon Gift Card!
Maria B. from LA won a $5 Amazon Gift Card!

Prize Pursuit Winners

For those of you who missed our first blog, you may be wondering, what is PCH Prize Pursuit? Well, it’s not JUST our newest and most exciting PCH Fan Page game, it is ALSO another chance for entry to become the next big winner of our August 29th “Forever” Prize AND a chance to be an instant winner for prizes up to $25,000! That’s right! Instant prizes, a super fun trivia game and another entry all in one! How exciting!

So how exactly do you get started playing Prize Pursuit? It’s so simple (and of course TONS of fun!). Log onto Facebook and “like” our amazing PCH Fan Page (which I hope all of you already have!) Once you “like” us, click on our Prize Pursuit app and click the PLAY NOW button!

PCH Prize Pursuit

Now you get to play detective and try to find the PCH Prize Patrol AND test your trivia knowledge!  Click on a region on the map where you think they are hiding! When you find them, you will be given a trivia question about the region they were in! If you know the correct answer out of the three choices given, congrats! If you just can’t seem to think of the right one, don’t worry! You can choose “stumped”, and you will be brought to PCHSearch&Win to find the correct answer and then go back to the game! Impress your friends and family with how much trivia knowledge you gain!

Southwest Prize Pursuit


So PCH fans, how do YOU think you will do at the trivia challenge? Do you think you will find the Prize Patrol on the first try? Well, there is only one way to know! Log on to our PCH Fan Page and start playing NOW! If you haven’t given it a try yet, what are you waiting for! It’s so much fun and who knows, you might just become one of our next INSTANT WINNERS!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

P.S – Remember that the Prize Patrol will be out on August 29th looking for our next “Forever” Prize winner! So keep those entries going and the Prize Patrol’s next stop could be to YOUR house!

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