Only Days Left to Become One of Our Next Winners!

Hello, PCH fans, and Happy Monday!

It may be the beginning of a new workweek, but it’s also almost the end of the month … and do you know what that means?

It means a chance to win some AMAZING … AWESOME … FANTASTIC … OUTSTANDING PRIZES!!! 

That’s right … there are only 3 days left – today, July 29th, Tuesday, July 30th, and Wednesday, July 31st – to enter to win this month’s impressive assortment of prizes at!

Only Days Left

July 31st is the LAST AND FINAL day to enter to win prizes using your tokens. Twenty prize winners are GUARANTEED, so remember to visit the Redemption Center at to use your tokens to enter!

Now, as you may have read on the PCH Blog, tokens are your virtual currency you can redeem only on and PCHGames to win valuable prizes at the Redemption Center. Our redemption center is filled with super-duper prizes, ranging from the latest electronic gadgets to gift cards from your favorite stores.

Redemption Center

Here’s just some of the amazing prizes being offered this month:

• $100.00 Home Depot Gift Card

• Cuisinart® “Chef’s Classic” 10-Pc. Cookware Set

• $500.00 Cash

• $500.00 Walmart Gift Card

• Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet

• 32″ LG Brand LCD HDTV

• Sony® VAIO® Computer

So how exactly do you earn these tokens? By entering and playing all our winning opportunities at! Simply visit Scratch Central and you’ll have the chance to play 5 scratch cards to win cash & prizes INSTANTLY. And you’ll earn tokens with every game you play! How cool is that?

Scratch Central

Or play our Instant Win games like the one shown below for the chance to win up to $1,000 CASH INSTANTLY, while also earning tokens in the process! Instant win gives you 7 chances to win every day. And you can come back the next day and have 7 more chances to become one of our winners!

Instant Win Games

Just remember, to BANK your tokens you have to register at and provide your password when prompted! It’s quick and easy and that way you can use your tokens to enter to win the AMAZING prizes I talked about before!

But YOU’VE GOT TO HURRY AND ACT NOW! This amazing opportunity to have fun and earn valuable tokens is almost over for this month! With the next deadline on Wednesday July 31st, that gives you ONLY 3 MORE DAYS. Log onto TODAY and start playing now!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Would you like to be one of our next winners? Which prize would YOU like to win at the Redemption Center? Tell us!

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Linda Laster-Bivens said...

I have been playing tri peaks solitaire and checking my points history, I have not got any listed on the “token” history so I am a bit taken aback- my points looked like they could be adding up (1500, 2000, 1000, etc) but they did not make it onto my history, so who would I bring this up to so that I could get them listed? I play the games almost every day but this is disturbing. Thanks in advance

Leticia Bibo said...

Leticia Bibo Said…
Hello Debbie K.!!!!!
I want just to say I play this game everyday why I can’t win anything I don’t know how many token points I have because it is lot.

Tonya Parks said...

I would love to win. What Im betting for was the gift card from McDonalds I cant wait to see the outcome.

Kanika Loeung said...

PCH games is not easy for me to win because I won’t be able to get a high score. I’d like to enter PCH Sweepstakes and lotteries that much better.

eyvonne kerns said...

I will love to win at The Debbie,but I need cash I’m doing so bad right now.I need to move and I don’t have the income to do that.I have not work in 2years because I got layed off and now because of my health I can not work, any income I win will be a blessing and meeting Danielle,Dave and Todd in person will be a blessing and my dream come true.I really need help I’m going to keep on praying and entering I believe that will happen one day. I love playing The PCH Games if I did not have The PCH games and SweetStakes to enter I think I will go crazy with all of the worries I have.Debbie I just had to tell someone how I feel and I’m glade you are there for us and thank’s to The PCH for being there.Thank you Debbie I pray you have a bless week.

Stancio Butler said...

Both & PCH Games to win valuable prizes at the Redemption Center are very hard for me to win because I won’t be able to get a score the highest at all. I’d like entering for my own chance to win a mega prize which is $37,000,000.00 + $250,000.00 a year for life & never work again at both &

David Faas said...

Happy Monday one & all.Mr.Dave Sayer,Mr.Todd Sloane & who
Can forget the beautiful Danielle Lam I can’t.She is always in my thoughts. I can only imagine her handing me the Big Check
On 8/29.God I pray!!!And I love Scratch off’s and winning a 1,000.00 would be so nice until the $5,000.00 every week forever on 8/29.I will keep PCH in my thoughts until then.Best Regards,Mr.David Faas Duluth, Minnesota

maria estrella baccay platecki said...

this is amazing,awesome and fantastic i love and i like the all site here even the the pchsearch&win gave me a headache all the time still here kicking and breathing to search everything i wish only is to win here someday my dreams come true and this is a good blessing to the winner your such a lucky and bless.good luck and god bless you all

Mrs. A.T. said...

Hi! I want to win the toaster oven. Right now our son makes his own dinner, different menu and he has different times than us. Instead of the oven on I think this would be something we could use for smaller portions. :)

Dee Dee said...

Hi! I would like to win the 150,000 tokens or one of the gift cards. Its fun to play and win!

Constance said...

What happened to the $5000/week that was scheduled to give away today?

    Keeper of the Birds said...

    Constance….the 5000.00 a week for life is 8/29 or August 29th! that’s what i want so badly to win but in the redemption center I want either the luggage set or the Cuisinart® “Chef’s Classic” 10-Pc. Cookware Set! but not if it disqualifies me from the chance to win the 5000. for life :) . have a great day Constance

    PCH Staff said...

    Hi Constance, you may be referring to the $5,000 A Week “Forever” prize giveaway as there are no giveaways scheduled to be awarded for July 29, 2013. The “Forever” prize will be awarded on August 29, 2013 so stay tuned! =)

    - Jussie W. at PCH

    Patricia Franklin said...

    Sorry! Constance it’s 8/29/2013 not today!!

Michaela G. said...

Hello Debbie K.

I would love to win the 150,000 tokens or one of the gift cards. Its fun to play and win! I have not won any thing yet, are you supposed to put in all your tokens to win or some of them, not sure on how this works?

Well I hope you all are having a wonderful and safe summer!

I just wanted to wish everyone “GOOD LUCK” in entering to win!

Diana Hanlon said...

I will give my self a try tomorrow and see what I can win and yes love to be the winner PCH I’m in it to win !

kasha frye said...

Don’t forget to play pch lotto I hope I HIT BIIG :-)

DeLayne Perry said...

like sifting sand through the hour glass. . . time fades away and the hands on the clock can not be turned back… what we do with our time is so important because we can never buy it back… just keep moving forward.

Susan Varughese said...

PCH games is not easy to win, but I do play everyday.

Patricia Franklin said...

I want to win 8/29/2013 a BIG CHECK with my name on it!!!

Holly Messinese said...


Jamie Sharb said...

Thanks Debbie for reminding me it’s the end of the month and time to enter at the PCH Redemption Center. PCH is so amazing and have so many opportunities for us PCH fans to win. Their PCH Redemption Center has a huge variety of great prizes where there is something for everyone. I have to say my favorite item at the Redemption Center is their Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 10-Pc. Cookware Set. I love to cook for Brian my husband and my 2 boys Hunter & Jayson. I would love to have a new set of cookware. I usually use most of my tokens towards entries to win this cookware. I have seen many items that I would be happy to win from PCH Redemption Center. There is 3 items that I try for which #1 is the cookware. Then #2 would have to be the Sony Computer because I would give it to my oldest son Hunter for him to use for homework or play games on. And #3 would be the Samsung Tablet and I would give that to my husband to take on the road with him. So when he is out on the road working he could use it to get online and talk to me and our boys. I enter at every day & if I get all my PCH sweepstakes entries in quick enough then I go on PCHgames to play their games to earn tokens. And then there is those games I just can’t help myself but to play because they are so darn fun! I want to say Debbie that you and all the PCH Team have created a wonderful place for moms like me to go have fun for free. And you give us a chance to have our dreams come true for our families. Thanks for all your hard work & time.