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Prize Patrol Van

I just read that Domino’s Pizza is experimenting with a new home delivery system to ensure that their pies get delivered to call-in customers fast and piping hot.  Gee, I thought that Domino’s zippy cars with their prominent logos and insulated pie containers were doing a pretty good job.  It turns out the company is trying out a “DomiCoptor,” a remote-controlled drone aircraft that can transport a pizza anywhere inside a four mile radius in just ten minutes.

Hmmm.  Could Publishers Clearing House use a drone instead of the Prize Patrol van to deliver a huge cash prize to a lucky PCH Sweepstakes winner?   Well, I guess the drone could avoid traffic jams.  Moreover, if it could travel long distances, it would definitely save PCH the high cost of hotels, meals and airfare for Todd, Danielle and yours truly.

BUT WAIT: We don’t wanna be replaced by drones!  We love traveling to cities and towns all over the USA and surprising our winners in person as the video camera rolls.  Besides, how would a drone – often not much bigger than a breadbox or a model airplane – carry roses, balloons and The Big Check?  I’m sorry you drone manufacturers: save your breath.  Don’t come trying to sell your drones to us.

Todd and Dave with Prize Patrol Van

This year Publishers Clearing House is observing its 60th anniversary, and we are also celebrating the 25th anniversary of our famous Prize Patrol.  That’s right: Todd Sloane and I started delivering Big Checks right to winners’ front doors twenty-five years ago.  Since then we have been joined by many other PCH’ers – from Gina in 1988 to today’s Danielle, the deputy who graces our web and Fan Pages.  We are proud of the nearly 1,000 Prize Patrol deliveries we have made over the years, particularly the lasting joy that the “winning moments” produce.  And our Prize Patrol van has worked just fine.

So do not fear.  A PCH drone won’t come buzzing around your house.  If you win, the Prize Patrol van will drive up, and we’ll jump out and announce “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

Just be sure you enter at — today and every day, and good luck!

Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

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