What would YOU do with $1,000,000 A Year “Forever”?

Yes, you’re right:  that IS a LOT of money – the largest prize Publishers Clearing House has ever offered!

Imagine getting One Million smackers a year, year after year … FOR LIFE! Plus then after that, One Million Dollar annual payments would continue for someone you hold dear! Why, spending that much money would almost seem like a job in itself – a DREAM job!  Allow me to make a few suggestions …

Why not shop for a cozy little new home … one like THIS for instance?


 Then, of course, you might want to pick out a few simple pieces of furniture …

No, no … we’re not finished yet. Remember, if you win, every year for the rest of your life would bring ANOTHER Million Dollars to spend! Somebody’s got to do the job!

Perhaps you’d like to take the vacations you’ve always dreamed about … where would you like to go?

How about Europe?  London … Paris … or maybe Venice, my own personal “dream destination”!


Is a sun-drenched island getaway more your style? Just bring your bathing suit – if you win, you can shop for a new “resort” wardrobe once you get there …

But you know, I’ve come to know one thing about valued PCH Blog followers like you.  With you, the “all about me” attitude just doesn’t apply.

Really: you’re always planning and worrying about how to help your loved ones, right? That’s why you should go for this incredible “Forever” prize. Because remember, those annual payments would continue for someone you hold dear!

That’s right: you could enjoy a lifetime of financial security for yourself … AND for someone special to you! Who would that person be?

Your husband or wife?  You’d know that your life’s partner would always be taken care of if you won.


A child or grandchild? Wouldn’t that be a fabulous legacy?

Seems like I’ve asked you a lot of questions in this blog … and that’s because we really want to know the ideas YOU might have for spending a $1,000,000 A Year “Forever” Prize. Please do us a favor, and add them to the “Comments” section below.

But most important of all, enter to win this stupendous “Forever” Fortune right now and every day until February 20th in our Special Early Look event.  Because any “Forever” prize entry just might bring THESE guys to your door on February 28th!

1_17_Prize Patrol with Forever Prize

Dare to dream, my friends … enter to win right NOW!

Marybeth H.

PCH Creative Department

P.S. Did you hear that PCHgames just crowned its newest Fan Appreciation winner? And this lucky lady won all because she commented on the Play&Win blog! It’s true! Find out more about it — and our lucky winner — on today’s Play&Win blog!

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1,277 thoughts on “What would YOU do with $1,000,000 A Year “Forever”?”

  1. I believe all of us who come to PCH to play, is because we need help in many aspects of our lives.

    I have watched many videos and read many stories on PCH. and we all scream for the same needs.

    I do not think, there is many people without necessities that comes to pch 3+ hours daily to try to win. Some maybe plays a couple of games, But it is true, they are lucky to win. :) and it is sad because are many in this world with so much suffering and fighting for survive.

    This extraordinary sum would give not only to pay our debts. It would be an opportunity to do something great for humanity.
    Since girl, I have dreamed of founding a nursery for Seniors for those old people who can not be home alone and need care and activity. And also do not want to live in those retirement places. or for those who just want a place for fun and company. “Seniors Club”
    They would have sleep room, craft room, exercise room, dancing, movies, reading, swimming, doctors and nurses for those who fallow any treatment etc
    It would be nice to make this a reality.
    And if not this dream, then it would be with orphans or abandoned children who lack love and care.

    Personally after losing my husband 9 months ago of a disease that took him so fast And the reason I play with so much Anxiety to win is because i need to save my home (foreclosure) pay studies and foods for my children, pay off debts, help my mom, who helped me so much in these critical moments. To add, took the car to change oil at T.K and they put more than necessary They damaged the engine and do not want to fix it, I need to somehow fix it to keep my job. which is how I make my living.
    Then after this will help my loves ones…family…it is to much $!… then goes back my Dream!
    ooooh but i will take a cruise vacation too :)

    Thank you PCH
    Patricia Conley

  2. Jena Rasbury says:

    The special someone id give the forever prize to is a woman who can use it to further expand her organization that helps young women that have life controlling issues due to past trauma. It’s a ministry I was in for a year and the counseling and staff there saved my life. It’s called, Mercy Ministries! They have BEAUTIFUL homes all over the U.S. And are changing lives every single day. These homes are gorgeous because they want the girls to have the very best! I now have a beautiful baby girl. As a single mom it’s tough, so winning the forever prize would be a HUGE blessing. And I’d love to share it with the woman who started the ministry that changed my life forever so she can build more homes and expand the vision. Girls die on the waiting list to get into the homes, I almost died the day before I was supposed to go to Mercy. It would be such an honor to give back and be a part of helping to build a home that is specifically for victims of human trafficking. I pray that the price patrol shows up at my door :) it would be the biggest blessing!

    Jena Rasbury

  3. Wynell Anderson says:

    I would go to my mother’s grandmother’s land that has been covered with too many trees and two houses that had been torn by a tornado, and get contractors to cut down all trees, put these two houses into demolition, clean off the property, put out a new house plan to build two new houses with backyards, patios, lanais and living porches, and a nice place to grow a garden, adopt dogs and cats, and a place for my father’s and mother’s relatives to visit.

  4. Sherly Cody says:

    Good evening to all and Blessing… Greetings to PCH from Panamà…

  5. At a minimum 80% would go to chairity, Travel and fish the world, with friends & relitives. Through Chairity create jobs.

  6. Daimen Labadie says:

    O and finally get my car on the road that ive had for the last 3 years if I dont get a new one, n help my ex get her books published because I love her storys. There is more but im tired… ill come back. To tell more if I feel that my friends at pch should know.

  7. Daimen Labadie says:

    Id pay off the bills I owe thanx to my parents. Get a nice house, try to win my ex gf’s heart back because we agreed to get married but then I lost my job became depressed and she left. Had to move back in with parents. Id give a good amount to cancer research, to many family members have cancer. Get my older brother his own house so he can finally have a home, put me and my 3 siblings through college, open the business I was dreamed to own and there for be makin more jobs for americans and adopt as many kids as I can handle because the girl I love made me realize it was part of my dream. What else you ask, get my parents a house so they can stop renting and struggling to get by. Give money to research for psoriasis in hopes the girl I love never feels that pain again, or her future kids or anyone. Give money to my home town Boston, marathon bombing was 3 days after my bday. I was partying around the corner from where it happen, felt like it was a curse. First time I spend money on my self n that happens. Id have my best friends from when I was growing up move in with me so they dont gotta struggle no more. Every single parent I can find supply them with whatever they need, to many of my friends grow up with one parent. They didnt struggled we struggled, true friendship. Knowing I didnt have to work for this money id be giving it away alot… of course id live nice with my wife… or my hope to be wife. But id be givin to those that need the help, im tired of seein people feel helpless. A mill a year wont save the world but it will make mine and those around me lives alittle more easy. My list is endless, I have a good heart n of course the girl I love comes first then family n friends but even those I dont know could never be forgotten. O and I have ideas that I can finally make happen. Help the word in other ways, make everyday life alittle easier… I could go on all night… but this is alot as is. That money would be used in all the right ways. Not just sittin in a bank collectin dust… or atleast not all of it. To win could be the answer to all my prayers. Maybe even win my true loves heart back.

  8. Janet Cochran says:

    Give to my church to help SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY. Live debt free!!!!

  9. Sherly Cody says:

    Buenas tardes a todos y especialmente para PCH; si yo me ganaria un millon de dolares por años me compraria mis audifonos para escuchar ya que tengos problema de audicion de nacimientos; porque ademas no encuentro trabajo por mi discapacidad tengo 28 años y soy casada…. Le ayudaria a mi mama comprar una casa y sus nuevos muebles ya que ella me ayudo seguir adelante con mis estudios universitarios… Ayudaria a mi hermana a seguir sus estudios universitarios ya que ella se salio de la universidad por motivos personal… y ayudaria a mi esposo por su problema en la espalda ya que las medicinas son muy caras y ademas nosotros vivimos alquilados y no nos alcanza nada… ademas estoy en espera de conseguir trabajo pero se me hace dificil y no se como….

  10. Janet Cochran says:

    It would allow me to live a debt free lifestyle, and help my family clear their debt as well. It would allow me the ability to establish a foundation in behalf of the memory of my parents and their life’s work in the ministry by helping other ministries and the community. My grandchildren education would be provided for. I would also like to travel, and visit other countries. First vacation would be to take the family to Disneyland.

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