The Big Game Day is Over … But The Winning Never Stops at PCH!

Come score with PCH

Congratulations to you loyal Seattle fans! And for you sad Denver enthusiasts, well … there’s always Big Game Day ’15!

I have a terrible confession to make, football fans. I know it seems almost un-American, but I don’t know anything about football. When folks start talking about  “home field advantage,” and “intentional grounding,” my eyes kind of glaze over …


But one thing I DO know … and I want to make sure YOU know it, too:

SOMEONE IS GOING TO BECOME A Publishers Clearing House MILLIONAIRE IN A FEW WEEKS in our February 28th Special Early Look Event

 How much could this PCH Millionaire win?  How about this:

Forever Prize

YES, that’s right … if you won the “Forever” Prize, you’d collect a Million Dollars every single year for the rest of your life … plus, after that, those Million Dollar payments would continue for the lifetime of someone YOU choose!

Talk about a WIN/WIN situation!

And going for this enormous prize couldn’t be easier … or more fun! No shivering in the bleachers … no overpriced hot dogs … just a click of your mouse each day in the cozy comfort of your own home.

Just be sure to enter each and every day at, right up until the final deadline date of February 20th. That means that if you start today, you could activate 18 entries at alone … and any one could bring the Prize Patrol to your door on February 28th!

Prize Patrol with Forever Prize

Whoa! That is a LOT of money! It would all be for the winner to enjoy … PLUS the satisfaction of knowing that those huge One Million Dollar annual checks would go on and on for someone near and dear!

 What a wonderful legacy of financial security THAT would be for someone dear!

Yes, fans, yesterday’s football spectacular is over … but the game is definitely ON at

Don’t miss today’s chance – or any day after that ­ – to go for our life-changing “Forever” Prize. Enter right now!

“Passing” winning thoughts your way …

Marybeth Henry

PCH Creative

60 thoughts on “The Big Game Day is Over … But The Winning Never Stops at PCH!”

  1. thankcarla m Antee For Life my says:

    Say yes to One Million Forever Gwy No 308O Superprize NBC Newest Winner Revealed

  2. One Million Forever Gwy No 308O Superprize NBC Newest Winner Revealed

  3. says:

    Love to win Really big

  4. Carla Antee says:

    Big Fun never stops

  5. Garbrielle Cote says:

    The day has arrived and I wish everyone good luck :)

  6. James Baker says:

    Yes’ I like the work that the poeple at PCH . Do for poeple & to do a Job that can help out other poeple ,& not let them no that it was from you . Would be nice to do ,& maybe it may help out .
    God”. Bless us & hope for the best .

  7. Wanda Conway says:

    I have been waiting for my winning check and would be nice told better place to live instead to live mobile home so many years and want to help my children and grandchildren for better future and myself too.

  8. LorraineWise says:

    aDear PCH,
    I know you here many many sob stories about people needing help. I hope you get to see my comment as I always wished I was financially set in life. My life has come down to many mistakes that have caused me to become a burden on my only brother. Since the time I can remember my brother has worked to take care of me since my father skipped town when I was only 2 years old. My brother had to quit school and go get a job at the age of 17 to help my mom support me. Now after years later I became terminally ill and again he stepped up to keep me safe. He works day and night in ship yard in the freezing weather and heat to support not only me but his wife and daughter as well. He works crazy hours without anytime off work sometimes for weeks. My fear is he will die in the shipyard by being hurt. He works on the docks to repair ships. The other day he caught his arm on fire while burning and welding to repair the ship. He came home with duck tape all over the sleeve of his jacket to cover up the big whole on the entire side of his jacket sleeve. The burn hole that went through 3 layers of clothing. I am so glad he was able to put it out before he was burned bad. Years ago he smashed his two index fingers off and they where amputated up the the first joint and grated skin to cover where the fingers where gone. If I was to win the first thing I would do would be give my brother enough money that he would never have to go back to work there again. I really would help others as well because when you know there is nothing that can make me well ever again, and my days may be limited. I would love nothing more than to give back to my brother what he gave up for me. His entire life he has sacrificed to make sure I was taken care of until my 18th birthday and I could go out on my own . I only wish things where different. Please Publishers Clearing house hear my prayers.
    God Bless,
    Sincerely, Lorraine Wisedd your comment here

  9. John Smith says:

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

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