Make Your Dream Home a Reality with the PCH Sweepstakes!

Win Your Dream Home

Ever wonder what it’d be like to live in the home of your dreams? Maybe you’d purchase that big, beautiful corner house you’ve been eying for years. Perhaps you’ve had your sight on an old Victorian. Whatever your taste, getting in for your dream-come-true house could be JUST TWO CLICKS AWAY!

Enter to Win with PCH! Let PCH be your gateway to a brand new home! This winning entry opportunity’s a dream, and the best part is it’s absolutely FREE to enter.

Don’t throw away this chance to win! So many people don’t respond and end up trashing prize opportunities worth a LOT of money. This one’s worth $3 Million, and with a big PCH win, you’d be able to design your dream home and create the perfect place for you and your family! Your FREE contest entry only takes a moment, so “click to it” now!

Dream Home

Move into Your Dream Home! Some serious money is at stake — that’s $3 MILLION — and you could win it all! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to win a fortune for a brand new house!

Win the $3 Million Sweepstakes, and you’ll never have to dream about your dream home again. The chance to win it is right at your fingertips! I say grab your FREE entry now and before you know it, you could become a winner and have the home of your dreams!

Best of Luck,
Gena W.
PCH Online Creative

489 thoughts on “Make Your Dream Home a Reality with the PCH Sweepstakes!”

  1. rebecca debraak says:

    im in to win dream home -i need a home wgy6900

  2. rebecca debraak says:

    love to win a dream homewgy6900 for my family

  3. rebecca debraak says:

    pch search3x entries for three million dream home wgy6900 or 5hundread thousand from wgy6900

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Rebecca, to maximize your chances of winning make sure to enter on each of our PCH Properties DAILY! This link will explain the multiple ways to enter: Don’t forget to check out the additional sweepstakes and gaming opportunities on our website at or by clicking here: Have you downloaded any of our PCH apps? Just visit the App Store or the Google Play Store and download them all today! Best of luck to all who enter!

  4. Daniel Spinelli says:

    Pch Team, Hi please search 3X entries to win $3 Million for a Dream House form pch Gwy.# 6900 and Activate-

  5. Pch Search 3X Entries To Win $2Million For A Dream Home Prize No-6900 On June 30th Activate !

  6. want to win three entries to win the $3,000,000.00. Dream Home. I really need this home so I can move into a better neighborhood. I’m in it to win, In it to win it. I want to meet the Prize Patrol Elite Team. At this point, I would appreciate any prizes. I am praying that I win. I am trying to keep my faith and continue to play sweepstakes.

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