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How Does PCH Mail Get Processed?

Take a tour of Publishers Clearing House’s new Melville facility
with the PCH Blog Team!

Publishers Clearing House Melville office

Here at Publishers Clearing House, we try hard to bring everyone the best experience possible, whether you are playing an online game at PCHGames, searching the web with the chance to win fabulous prizes at PCHSearch&Win, or receiving our “classic” direct mail packages! We are constantly evolving to do our job faster … better … and more efficiently!

With these goals in mind, PCH recently moved its mail processing facility from Syosset, NY to a new location in Melville, NY – equipped with better, more technologically advanced machinery to meet our growing business. My fellow bloggers and I had heard all about the great things happening in Melville, and were pleased to be invited there to see the operation up-close and personal!

We were met by John G., Director, Response Processing Operations; and Scott D., Manager, Data Capture & Collection. Together, they explained to us what happens at our mail processing facility on a daily basis.

John and Scott explained that PCH needed a new mail processing center in order to keep up with the amazing growth the company has been experiencing. The Melville facility, which has been in operation since July 2013, occupies 45,000 square feet of space and has 35 full-time PCH employees – up to 75 employees during the busiest times when our famous TV commercials are running.

How PCH mail gets processed

Most of the incoming mail is processed on either of the 3 high-speed magnetic sorting machines … the 2 high-speed optical capture scanning machines … or the 3 low-speed scanning machines. Believe it or not, even the reply envelopes that our Canadian customers mail in are trucked down to Melville from Toronto, Ontario!

We got the chance to watch the whirring high-speed sorting machines in operation, as they sorted through the mail. John G. explained that the technology behind the machine was “exciting and innovative” and could process thousands of reply envelopes an hour!

Scott D. told us that Publishers Clearing House cares a lot about the environment and that his facility does its very best to recycle all paper it processes. It was also apparent that the employees at the facility really care about their work – some have even been at their jobs for 20 years!

When I asked John G. if there is one important thing every blog fan and PCH customer needs to know about our mailings, he answered …

“Return your entry and we’ll make sure it’s processed immediately!”

Everyone on our tour returned to their jobs at Publishers Clearing House headquarters in Port Washington, NY with a fresh understanding of how our company really does go the extra mile to ensure an awesome customer experience.

PCH Blog writers during Melville tour

Amanda C. said, “I went on a tour of the old Syosset facility a year or two ago. It was amazing to see how far the new Melville facility has come in comparison. Everything moved so fast, I could barely believe my eyes!”

Marybeth H. added, I was really impressed with the care and attention given to every piece of mail received.”

I was personally impressed with the efficiency of the operation – how fast machines and technological know-how can ultimately make people’s dreams come true!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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