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PCH Prize Patrol Has Covered The Map With Big Checks

There’s a big map hanging on the wall in one of the conference rooms at our Publishers Clearing House headquarters in Port Washington, NY. The map is covered with little paper stars in different colors indicating places where the PCH Prize Patrol has delivered Big Checks of different dollar values to surprised winners of our [read more…]

Fathers Day is Coming – And Maybe a Big Check Too!

To all you fathers out there, Fathers Day greetings from the PCH Prize Patrol. We hope that Sunday, June 20 will be a very happy day for you. One father that our PCH Prize Patrol surprised recently, Dick Maigatter of Appleton, Wisconsin, brought to mind that classic TV series “Father Knows Best” — not because [read more…]

Another Appleton Wisconsin Winner – Lightening Does Strike Twice!

I can’t believe it myself, but as you read this I will be leading the Prize Patrol back to Appleton, Wisconsin to surprise another lucky resident with another Big Check from Publishers Clearing House. And yet, I shouldn’t be surprised. As one of our old PCH TV commercials used to say (or actually sing), “Miracles [read more…]

A Winner Hopeful Asks: Am I Eligible for a PCH Sweepstakes Entry?

At a recent social event I met someone with the same last name as mine. We joked about possibly being distantly related. Then, when he learned that I was the guy from Publishers Clearing House who leads the Prize Patrol to winners’ doors “as seen on TV,” his expression turned sober. He looked at me [read more…]

Play PCH: The Steinway of Sweepstakes

I’m in the market for a new (maybe “pre-owned”) piano. Almost every knowledgeable person I’ve spoken to on the subject says, “There’s nothing like a Steinway.” Based on my experience over many years of “tickling the ivories,” I think they are right. That’s the way it is with sweepstakes too. Indeed, Publishers Clearing House is [read more…]

The History of PCH Told in Buenos Aires

Just last week I took some vacation time and visited the beautiful city of Buenos Aires in Argentina to visit my extended family. Many years ago, 25 to be exact, my parents came from Argentina to build a new life here in the US. I was born shortly thereafter and was followed by 2 brothers [read more…]

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