Make Winning Instantly Your Newest Thanksgiving Tradition!

Greetings PCH Fans!

Can you believe it is ALMOST Thanksgiving already? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was laying on the sandy beach soaking up the sunshine. While the cold weather and the shorter days are two of my least favorite things about the transition from Fall into Winter, there is still something so magical about this time of year!

So searchers, Thanksgiving is only a few short days away, and for most folks that means the start of the holiday season (and massive amounts of holiday shopping of course). In my family, this was always a time of fun yearly traditions to bond over like decorating the house, baking, cooking, and of course, my FAVORITE Thanksgiving tradition of breaking the wishbone!

Thanksgiving tradition turkey dinner

This popular tradition started for my family and me when I was just a little kid, but I always wondered exactly where it started. I headed over to PCHSearch&Win and found out that it actually originated way back in the 15th Century in Europe. Actually, did you know that the widely known name “wishbone” didn’t come around until the 1800’s! How cool is that?

Thanksgiving Tradition breaking the wishbone

So once you have the wishbone, what do you do next? It’s SO simple. Once the bone is dry and brittle, each person takes one end, makes a silent wish and pulls it apart. The person with the biggest side is said to have their wish come true!

So blog fans, what would YOU wish for if you were breaking the wishbone? Maybe you would wish to become the next winner of one of the fabulous PCH Sweepstakes? Or, maybe you’d wish to win one of the awesome instant prizes up for grabs at PCHSearch&Win this week!

What awesome prizes you ask? Well let me tell you!

Monday 11/24: Nothing beats curling up in front of a fireplace with a good book to chase away the cold! Today we are giving away (25) $20 Barnes & Noble gift cards!

Tuesday 11/25: Satisfy your taste buds! Today we are giving away (10) $25 Olive Garden gift cards!

Wednesday 11/26: A little extra green is always welcome around the holiday season! Today we are giving away (10) $50 cash prizes!

Thursday 11/27: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Do you love watching football on the big screen after a turkey dinner? Well today could be your lucky day to score a chance to see a big game for yourself! Today we are giving away (5) $50 StubHub gift cards to some lucky winners!

Friday 11/28: WOW! So many chances to win! Today we are giving away (5) $100 Best Buy gift cards, (1) Dell laptop, (5) $100 HSN gift cards, (20) $25 cash prizes AND (5) $100 Sears gift cards.

Saturday 11/29: Thinking about some early holiday shopping? Today we are giving away (10) $25 cash prizes!

Sunday 11/30: Stock up on your essentials! Today we are giving away (15) CVS gift cards!

So, how about making PCHSearch&Win (with the chance of winning instantly) a new tradition for your family? Sounds pretty good to me!

Don’t miss your chance to win! Log on to PCHSearch&Win and get started searching now. Also, remember that with your first search of the day after logging in, you will be automatically entered into the FABULOUS PCH Sweepstakes!

Happy Holidays!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

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