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Holy smokes, guys, it’s actually MAY already – time to look for garden supply deals to make our warm weather “living rooms” more inviting!

Just be sure to log on and use PCHSearch&Win to scour the Web for the best deals on garden essentials – while entering to win an instant FREE prize with any search!

Not sure what to search for? How about deals on flowers, grass seed, lawn chairs, grills, garden hoses, planters, plastic dinnerware, LP tanks, marshmallows, barbecue sauce, kiddie pools, lawn sprinklers, table covers, bug zappers, tomato plants, garden stakes, hedge clippers, string lights, “Kiss the Cook” aprons, game nets, citronella candles, pool skimmers, sunblock – huge selections on every garden supply need you can think of.

And I can’t emphasize this enough: any PCHSearch&Win search like the ones above could “pay you back” with a FREE prize like a Gift Card to favorite retailer, Cash or high-end Electronics. Are you going to get that with the gigantic search engine monsters other people use? Answer: NO.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, today is PrizeFest when we tell you all the prizes smart  PCHSearch&Win searches could win all week long.   So, without further ado …

TODAY, Monday, May 2nd – Search to go for one of six $75 Cash Prizes!

Tuesday, May 3rd – You could win one of five $50 Bass Pro Shop Gift Cards!

Wednesday, May 4th – You could win one of five $50 Zappos Gift Cards or one of the Instant Cash Prizes that will be awarded every hour, starting at 7 PM!

Thursday, May 5thYou’ve really GOT to search with us today and go for any one of these 42 Free Prize guaranteed to be awarded all day long: three $500 Walmart Gift Cards,  ten $50 Target Gift Cards, four $250 Amazon Gift Cards, twenty $25 Cash Prizes and  five $50 Dell Gift Cards!

Friday, May 6th – Search today and maybe land one of ten $50 Cabela’s Gift Cards!

Saturday, May 7th – Someone will search with us and win a $500 Dell Gift Card!

Sunday, May 8th – End the week with a bang – your search with PCHSearch&Win puts you in the running for one of five $100 Overstock Gift Cards!

Pretty cool, huh?  And all for doing something you do every day anyhow:  look up stuff on the Internet.

So remember: if you want to find the best garden supply deals, outdoor gear or anything else that interests you – don’t look for them anywhere except PCHSearch&Win. Your search results will be fabulous – and the free prizes you could win even better.

Prizefest Names

Publishers Clearing House

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