Beware of the Green Dot MoneyPak PrePaid Card Scam!



Hi Folks! Although we try to inform you all as much as possible about the MEAN and GREEN scammers out there, we feel as though we cannot stress it enough! As you know, there are scammers out there who often try to impersonate members of the Prize Patrol in an attempt to rob folks like you of your hard-earned money. We don’t want any of you to fall victim to these scams, so we’re doing our best to educate you about the telltale signs.

Here are things to watch out for:

• Beware of fake check scams! If you receive a check claiming to be from the PCH Sweepstakes and are asked to cash it and wire or send a portion back — STOP, you are the victim of a scam!

• Beware of phone calls claiming you have won! If you receive a telephone call from someone claiming you’ve won, but are asked to send money to receive that prize —STOP, you are the victim of a scam!

• Beware of e-mails or notifications on Facebook claiming you’ve won a PCH prize! If you receive a friend request or email from someone claiming to be the Prize Patrol — STOP, you are the victim of a scam! Remember, the Prize Patrol does NOT send friend requests or private messages on Facebook!

We also want you to watch out for Green Dot MoneyPak PrePaid Card scams. Scammers are telling folks that to claim their prize they have to first purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak Prepaid Card! Sadly – the scammer will ask the victim to go to Walmart or a local convenience store to purchase a prepaid card. The victim is then instructed by the scammer to put a certain amount of money on the card. Once the victim gives the scammer the card number on the Green Dot MoneyPak, they can wipe your balance on the card clean! The Green Dot MoneyPak PrePaid Card scam has robbed more victims than you could imagine – and we don’t want it to happen to you!!

So please PCH fans, always be alert and aware of what goes on around you. It is crucial that you remember that the REAL Prize Patrol DOES NOT send friend requests or notifications through email or social media! And you NEVER EVER need to pay money to claim a prize from PCH! Entering is completely FREE, and if you win, it’s completely FREE as well.

We hope you stay safe from the scammers out there, and we wish you all the best of luck!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

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