Wondering What To Search for On PCHSearch&Win? Hear From Our Fans!

Greetings, fans and friends,

We just can’t say it enough – PCHSearch&Win is the best place we know to search for all the information you need while enjoying opportunities to enter to win awesome prizes!

And, after telling you what members of the PCH Prize Patrol like to search for … and what my fellow blog team members like to search for … we asked YOU, our devoted fans, what you search for on PCHSearch&Win!

Here are some of the enthusiastic responses we received:

Ethel M. said, “The PCHSearch&Win site completes two actions at one time. I’ve found out important things that interest me, and it gives me a chance to enter a contest. If I won it would help me with my music and its goal to bring love and hope to the lives of abused and lost children.”

Music ideas

Happy searching, Ethel, and good luck with your music!

Billie D. told us, “Today I used PCHSearch&Win to research veterinary schools that I am interested in applying to. I currently work at a vet’s office and really want to become a veterinarian. So, winning any amount of money from PCH would certainly help make that dream come true to me because I would be able to pay for vet school.”

Pet ideas

I’m glad you find PCHSearch&Win helpful, Billie, and best wishes in your goal to become a vet!

Juretta S. wrote, “I love PCHSearch&Win, especially this time of year when looking for plants for my container gardening.” As for our April 30th “Set for Life” prize, she exclaims, “Waiting for a miracle in the making!”

Gardening ideas

Good luck with your gardening, Juretta. Remember, at Publishers Clearing House, miracles do come true!

As for the rest of you, what will YOU search for at PCHSearch&Win? Remember, when you perform your first search of the day (after logging in) you’ll be entered to win the life-changing PCH SuperPrize! Plus, Search&Win searchers could win instant prizes like those we award every single day!

Ready … set … go! Start searching now!

Happy searching,

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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