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Publishers Clearing House Summer Internship

I’m what some people call a “PCH baby,” meaning someone who grew up involved with PCH, the famous sweepstakes company that has made many unsuspecting winners millionaires. My mom has worked at Publishers Clearing House since before I was born and consequently, I’ve spent countless days after school and during vacations sitting in her office drawing on computer paper with the one pink highlighter she has on her desk, stealing French raspberry candies she keeps in her top file cabinet drawer and taking countless trips to the dining hall for the free soda fountain.

Now I am in college and naturally when I thought about taking a summer internship, I turned to my second home. Working at Publishers Clearing House, even as an intern is a wonderful experience, and I’m not just saying that because I am a “PCH baby”. Yes it is helpful that I see many familiar faces in the hall telling me, “My you’ve grown up!” and, “Oh, are you working here now?” as they remember me from my grade school days sporting a plaid uniform and pigtails, but even co-workers who never met me greet me with a warm hello in the hall.

A lot of my positive feelings about this internship come from how Publishers Clearing House treats its internship program as a learning experience first and foremost. PCH does not ask its interns to make coffee runs for the office or to stay cooped up filing papers all day. My supervisor knew that I was interested in law so he found a job I could do – even though I have not yet gone to law school – that would interest me and help the company. I spent most of my summer researching new laws and creating documents that summarize the laws to help PCH workers with legal compliance.

Another meaningful experience I had was getting to meet with Andy, the president and CEO of Publishers Clearing House. PCH set up a meeting for all of the interns to meet with Andy to further our learning experience. Andy took the time to talk with all of us, hear what work we are doing for the company and what we have learned. Then he told us about what he does for Publishers Clearing House. It is wonderful and unique as an intern to feel so valued by the company you work for that even the president is willing to meet and talk with you.

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Now as a PCH intern, instead of just a “PCH baby,” I can truly say that I am sorry to leave the team when I go back to school this fall. I will miss the other interns, my PCH coworkers and the buzz of excitement all over the company every time a new sweepstakes winner is announced. But, knowing me and how much PCH is a part of my life, I’m predicting I’ll be back again sometime very soon.

Chelsea H.

Legal Intern

Publishers Clearing House (PCH)

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