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$10,000 Prize Winning Moment for Glenn Shimizu of Gardena, California

Don’t Stop Believing!

PCH Winner G Shimizu.JPG

When my Prize Patrol partner Bob and I delivered $10,000.00 to Gardena, California resident Glenn Shimizu last week, he told us something that us Prize Patrol deputies love to hear — he said he enters the PCH Sweepstakes every chance he gets.

Glenn had been entering the Sweepstakes and hoping for a prize winning moment for years before he became our big PCH winner. We’re so happy that he kept the faith because if he hadn’t, we wouldn’t have been able to surprise him with all that money!

We know we have a lot of loyal Sweepstakes participants out there who, like Glenn, have been entering religiously for years. To all of you, we want to say thank you — and please, don’t stop believing! We really do exist, we really do surprise our winners with those famous Big Checks, and we’d really love to show up at your door next!

So enter our sweepstakes today, tomorrow and every chance you get! Because one of these days it could end up paying off for you in a really big prize winning way!

Wishing you lots of luck,

Amanda C.

Prize Patrol Deputy

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