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Baraboo, Wisconsin PCH Cash Sweepstakes Prize Winner

Our trip to Baraboo included a drive through Madison, Wisconsin where we admired and photographed the impressive state capitol building.


Then it was off to the florist in Baraboo where the congenial staff prepared a dozen roses and helium balloons for the surprise winning moment of our new PCH Cash Sweepstakes Prize Winner, Mike Schultz.


Well it was a little tough finding Mike at first, but after missing him at home, a kind neighbor directed us to his workplace. Unfortunately, the new PCH Cash Sweepstakes Prize Winner was off that day. Even though they were green with envy, his co-workers were more than pleased to do a little detective work to lead us to his other place of business. Before we departed they expressed concern that Mike might not return now that he was a Publishers Clearing House winner!

When we finally reached our winner’s second job and identified ourselves to his manager as the PCH Prize Patrol, the manager was glad to participate in the surprise cash sweepstakes prize award. Mike may have been a little rattled as he was called to the office with no mention of our big secret. What a shock it was to see us holding the big check! Mike was one happy fellow that day and his manager was also quite tickled.


As we left Madison, Wisconsin, with another successful “Publishers Clearing House Winning Moment” accomplished, we wondered if Mike would be returning to his job after all.


Regina K. and Stacey H.

PCH Prize Patrol Deputies

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