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Two PCH Cash Sweepstakes Winners in Two Days

PCH Prize Patrol member Danielle and I landed in Columbus, OH just hours after helping Dave Sayer award Marilyn Ragin her $1 Million SuperPrize. What a difference a few hours of flight time makes! It was 66 degrees and sunny in Miami. Columbus was Miami’s polar opposite: snowy and cold! Despite that, it was great to return to my home state for another winning moment. The next morning we hit the road to find our newest $10,000 PCH cash sweepstakes winner!

It was a snow day for many students and teachers in the greater Columbus, Ohio area. As for myself, Prize Patroller Danielle and our cameraman, Publishers Clearing House keeps on keepin’ on! After a stop at the local florist for a dozen roses, we found our next PCH winner, Mary Mangan. The lucky new winner was still in bed as we rolled up to her house. Her husband told her she’d really better get up for this!

Minutes later, we met PCH cash sweepstakes winner Mary and awarded her the Big Check! She’s been playing the PCH Sweepstakes for approximately 20 years, and her persistence has really paid off! For those of you who have been playing for years, YES, it can happen to you too!

PCH Cash Sweepstakes Winner M Magnan

Congratulations to my fellow Buckeye!

Good Luck, Sweepers! 🙂

Natalie Bostelman

2008 SuperPrize Winner

PCH Goodwill Ambassador

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